Argo Depth Chart

Marshall Ferguson has a depth chart out for the Toronto Argonauts which is probably fairly close to what could be their choice going into training camp. But of course Marshall has been know to be wrong on occasion so maybe we need another perspective look at this. Lol I agree with the short TC and hopefully a shorten season they will look to go with as many veterans as possible to start with. Offensive Line has a lot of question marks, but going with the vets I would have to throw Randy Richards in at LG and move Blake to Centre. Cage and Campbell at the Tackles. Bladek could be the RG, but he never really took hold of a starting job in Regina. So Ty Allen could be a guy that gets a chance at the RG spot where he played in College with some experience at Centre. But they're going to have their work cut out for them keeping these immobile QB's upright. RB has some intriguing guys with Ouellette being the only one with some CFL reps. But Williams and Sankey have some impressive stats including speed. Thigpen will probably be used like Rainey was last year. Spot duty and kick returning. At receiver Marshall has Worthy, Brescacin, Daniels and Adjei starting at four spots WR & SB. Then a bunch of rookies vying for the 5th spot. But if TJ Jones shows up and now Brissett they would have to be in that mix. Declan Cross is still available for the FB spot when they use it.
Defensive line the vets would be Bazzi at RE Nevis and Thomas at DT with Roh at the other end. Canadians Smith at DE and Foote at DT. Ryan Davis could be of interest with his veteran status of several years in the NFL at DE. He's listed at 275 which IMO is too heavy to play DE in the CFL unless you're 6'5 or something which he isn't. Lots of 1st year depth, maybe there's another Cam Wake there. LB has Ackie at W, Woods at M and Shaq Richardson at the SLB. I was wondering where Richardson was going to fit in with Tom Campbell and Colquhoun coming in to play the corner. Darby, Lokombo and Richards are the veterans to fill out the DB spots. Butler also has CFL experience with Burrell being with the team late last year. Canadians Woodson and Boateng have both showed they can play as well. Pretty solid group and a lot of first year depth available. Defense may have to carry this team at the start, so hopefully this new D Line can get some pressure on the opposing QB's and Bear Woods can stay healthy.
Special teams. Thigpen and Worthy are pretty fair kick returners. Reinhart is an excellent at LS, and Bede definitely has the big leg strength, even if he makes one a little nervous on the field goals at times.
One thing we have to remember is the requirement of having at least three Imports with 3 or 4 years in the League as starters. Not at lot on this team if injuries happen. Then there is always a few surprises like at veteran player retiring just before TC or an unknown coming in and winning a job.
So we have to keep the faith that some kind of a football season will happen.

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I think Bladek sticks at LG. Theren, Giffen, Richards and Simba will compete for RG.

That would mean Blake would play Center. I read they feel Blake's best position is Guard with maybe Import Allen playing Center. However, Veterans are going to be given every opportunity to start in a short season like this. I would think Cage, Blake, Randy Richards, Bladek and Campbell have the inside track to start with.

Blake was also drafted as a centre by the Broncos. It's also best to go with a veteran at centre and a younger guy at guard, instead vice versa.