Argo Cuts

Shocking news, Argos cutting the Big Three plus Bates. Who's left. Imports Shaw, Spencer and Wylie, all fairly small players plus Canadians Durie, Coombs, Jones and Noel. Nothing scary there for other teams to defend.

No need for other CFL teams to look for NFL cuts when this kind of big experienced talent is available. Winnipeg could really improve their receiving corps by adding Gurley. Calgary could also be looking to add a big receiver to replace Rogers.
Put Gurley and Elliott with a good QB and watch them light it up. These guys may just have moved up the pay scale with all those Western Teams going for it this year.

Too much attitude!!!! These are the same guys that could never keep their mouths shut after each play. All think they are too big for the league.

We have a few others on the PR. Some guy Posier from Ohio St. Malcolm Williams from the Langley Rams Jrs.

This season has just officially hit rock bottom.

This is all on Milo and Barker.

Yes. I thought this from day one. Verbal diarrhea, and cocky as hell. Spinning the football on a 5 yard gain!

So one day four Import receivers get cut. The next day according to Milo the team is much better and young Canadians like Noel deserve to start. The next day Baker signs three Import wr's. Milo should just tell it like it is and stop BSing the fans.
At least one of the guys seems to be a returner.

Ya, the Argos are better than the 2012 team just after cutting Boyd. :roll:

Milanovich and Barker should just be fired at the end of the season, but for some reason I get the feeling they'll still be in charge of the Argonauts in 2017.

Cut Willy, Barker and Milo loose, All Shite!!!

Start with Milanovich ...