From the Argos website:

#47 DT Philippe Audet, NIP
#63 OT Michael Bailey, NIP
#41 RB Sean Bennett, IMP
#84 WR Shockmain Davis, IMP
#99 DE Ronald Flemons, IMP
#87 WR Ian Forde, NIP
#85 WR Donald Hayes, IMP
#39 RB David Hewson, NIP
#82 WR Tommy Hofer, IMP
#17 DB Derrick Lewis, IMP
#64 OT David Porter, IMP
#83 WR Alex Vanags, NIP
#58 OG Jeff Yorga, NIP

The team’s developmental roster will be announced tomorrow.

The following players have been added to the team’s weekly injured list:

#86 WR David Azzi, NIP
#2 LB Michael Fletcher, IMP
#57 DT Jeff Keeping, NIP
#77 WR Michael Palmer, NIP
#32 LB Chuck Winters, IMP

AVERY , made the cut. STOKES is hurt.

There is 1 guy with a great name.

[punt returner : who is on the player developmental list]. I guess that he learned to run fast at an early age.

4th string QB, charlie peterson got cut today.

I haven't seen any listing yet, but will he be kept on the taxi squad?

sportsnets ticker said he was cut.

I am still trying to find out who is on the Argos taxi squad. Does anyone know?

Argo practice roster

OT Mike Bailey - Mount Allison
WR Tommy Hofer* - Dakota State
RB Sean Bennett* - Northwestern
OLB Diamond Ferri* - BYU
WR Ian Forde - Waterloo
LB/FB Dave Hewson - Manitoba
DE Phillippe Audet - Laval

Thanks DoubleBlue.