Argo Coaches

So in the course of the past few weeks Argos have lost both coordinators. OC Brady to a non specific job in Indy and Chamblin quit to be closer to home after one season as DC. Second time Brady has walked away from Trestman actually.
For all his strengths Trestman seems to have troubles hanging onto his staff and not necessarily due to promotions. Perhaps he wanted these guys gone.

With players publicly complaining and coaches leaving, the optics, at least, are not great after winning the GC.

For a team that won the Grey Cup it looks from the outside a very unhappy place .
Not the atmosphere the Argos were looking at promoting this off season .

Good to see Brady and Chamblin (if confirmed) in advancing their careers as contractually permitted.

Winning the Grey Cup surley helped their cause

The more off-field chaos the Argos endure, the better their chances of winning the Grey Cup. Last year they had no coach or GM until after the free agency period, and still won it all. Back in 2012 I think their clubhouse burned down or something.

Between half their coaches walking out and some of their star players complaining of bats and vandals and crimes against humanity, I would say they are the early favourites to repeat.

Marc Trestman doesn't lose. Period.