Argo and TiCat Fans-Thank you!

It was a short stay but a very enjoyable trip/experience to watch the game Friday night. We want to Thank the Argo fans, the TiCat fans and all Canadians that we came in touch with for your friendly attitude and discussions with us.
One result of the trip is the CFL has gained more US fans.
We have agreed to stay neutral relative to comments on the teams and the game except to say we really enjoyed it!
Good luck to both teams and their fans for the balance of the season!

Thanks challenger for the comments. Football is a great game, Canadian or American rules and the beauty of football is it's a civilized contact game and generally football doesn't get the violence among the fans that is seen at times with the soccer form of football where people have actually died in stadiums where the fans have run amok.

I was wondering how your experience went.
Where did you sit during the game?

And more importantly, where did you eat before the game - Toula or Baton Rouge?

Too bad you didnt go to Canada and a real CFL game.. I went to a game in Toronto in 2011 and it was depressing. It was against the Riders, so sadly, it was probably one of their bigger crowds.. You should check out a game in Hamilton if you really want to see something.. Better yet, go the extra distance to Winnipeg or Regina

Wow, I believe that is the second time I actually agree with Mr. Bungle!
Challenger, you should try to come to the EDF at THF in Hamilton.

hopefully not to many Arhols fans! that stink never comes off!

you don't have to stay neutral, come on we all know Toronto sucks

Yep, but be sure to bring a radio with you. That way when you are sprawled out in the seats of your choice you can at least listen to the game being played up the road in Toronto. :lol:

LOL.. well played, well played

Why would he want to listen to a Leaf game while the Cats are playing at home?

First, Happy Thanksgiving! We hope your enjoying your Holiday!
I just got back to my office and have another meeting I have to attend so this will be short.
Thanks for all the comments, a little info for you, 3 ate Italian and 5 ate prime rib before the game.
One member of our group is a West Point grad so we originally planned to go to the Army/Rice game. The company Falcon was available for the entire weekend so during a Happy Hour we decided to fly into Toronto to see the CFL game and then to West Point for the game.
A Canadian friend of ours provided the tickets in Section 200 behind the Argo bench, the individual was pleased that we wanted to see a CFL game. We enjoyed all aspects of the game and we learned a lot about the CFL watching it live.
The rest of the year will be busy here in DC but next year when a company plane is available for a weekend we will return.
I have just been informed that we will probably be able to watch at least the second half of a CFL game during Happy Hour tonight.
Take care enjoy your CFL and Thank You for your friendship shown me on this Forum.

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