Argo airlift

Looks like the Argo airlift is on in earnest. Just like the good old days. :slight_smile:
Three OT's, 4 DL's,2 WR's,and a CB

Some of these guys have been in the Argo camp before though. DE Whittington, WR Brad Smith and CB Will Poole.

With all the DL's (4) coming in it appears the Argos are going to the 4-3 defense like everybody else.

a bunch of scrubs, and what kind of fool would sign a practice roster agreement with the argos for less than 500 per week, id rather work at UPS, plus the argos coaching staff is so dumb it wont even be worth your time to be on the practice roster, also this is the worst coaching staff in the CFL, when was the last time the argos have coached up a kid and made him improve.