Argo 2019 draft

Now that the Combine has come and gone, who do the Argos pick at #1 and #9? Earlier thoughts seem to be leaning to an Offensive Lineman for first overall. After watching the Combine I’m not so sure now. I’m not overly high on Shane Richards and after he wouldn’t test and got sent home I think he drops. Also his agent has become a pain having players hold out and maybe destroying part of their careers doing so. To me O Line players like Saxelid, Williams, Wilkinson and Gibbons are as advertised but are they first overall guys. Great crop of WR’s this year so maybe it’s time to look there at #1 and still have an O Lineman at #9. Got to think Chris Osei-Kusi out of Queens could be that #1 guy now.

I think that you guys continue to build the O line. Look for a youth movement at RG and RT over the next couple of years. Gabriel and Laing could also use more depth behind them. Your Canadian Linebackers seem like a strong group.

We are getting down to the big night and things are starting to clarify a bit on which players are going to NFL camps. The question each team has to be weighing is who do they think will not be available for a while or maybe never.
I keep going back to what Jim Popp has stated, that he wants his #1 pick to sign and be in camp from the start. Needs to be at the Argo draft party also.
So if he’s going Offensive Line I would have to think Zach Wilkinson and Jesse Gibbon have jumped to the front of the line. But I having heard if Shane Richards is attending a NFL mini camp either.
WR Hergy Mayala hasn’t been mentioned of attending a NFL camp so could he be in play at #1. Popp could still get a good Offensive Lineman at #9.
The suspense builds.