ARGHH more Injuries

Just Read that French and Childress wont be playing.. damn I dont think I have ever seen a team beset with so many in a short span of time...
Ya lets here the blah blah Injuries are excuses & Good teams find a way to win blatherings.. but with the constant revolving door NO team can get cohesive and play with any consistency, especially this early in the season. which might be the only saving grace, that it is still early in the season.

Really, No French :frowning: ? I mean losing Dominguez and Keith was tough but know all these other injuries. We have Keith back now but we just keep seeing all our other guys go down. Last year Ottawa had a curse with injuries, and it looks like the riders have that this year with guys constantly getting hurt. I guess the question is who will go down next on the riders?

man, that's tough to take I heard about Chill being out in the paper, he had a knee injury that was very close to career ending. I'm assuming French is out from that strange hit he took in Calgary when he landed on his neck/shoulder. This is just terrible news for the Riders, hopefully we can continue to fight through this adversity like we have been and get through this rough patch. I'm glad it's happening early in the season and not in October/November though.

The Rider site says he went down during practice. I guess it's his shoulder but that hit from last week might of weakened it. Tough loss but hey.... better you guys than the Eskimos 8) lol.

When French is on the bench, he can't drop passes. You guys should line up Corey Holmes as a SB... He deserves to play.

We fans in Ottawa know what you're going through.

........that's just weird.......I mean, there is bad luck and then there is really bad luck and then there is freaking conspiracy theory stuff.......this many injuries this early in the season I'd be looking at the physical training aspect of the riders.......maybe that's way out there, but no other team is suffering this kind of personnel beating this early in the season..........

3/10: French isn't doing too badly this year. So far, he's got 296 pass receiving yards, which is good for 7th (if I'm reading stats correctly). Yes, he drops his share, but I am still very disappointed he won't be suiting up. He's a big loss for us.

Is Jamal Richardson playing for him ?

From a positive point of view…Better to get the injuries over with NOW, than two weeks before playoffs.

And hes Canadian, hes had his share of dropped balls, but then again so has alot of recievers in the league this year. So replacing him requires a ratio Juggle, pulling a American off the defense or offensive line, Grant can still play but I think he is limping as well.
Red&White ,To me its bad luck, I mean Season ending knee injuries are freakish (Dominguez & ODay) usually happen when someone rolls on you or hit from the side, And the big Chill always had a wonky knee.

Dentor, did you mean to say Dominguez and Childress. Oday isn't out for the season is he????????????????????

Jeremy Oday is out for the season YES :frowning:

OK here is the unoffcial Roster changes for fridays game -
MItchell in for Stancil
Davis in for Adams
Benefield in For Perry
Richardson in For Childress
Hughes in For Edwards
Omeara in for French.

This is making me awfully nervous, Riders are going to need a bearing job on that revolving door if this keeps up.

You mean you and moved da sticks?