Argghhhhooos deal Byron Parker

The Blue team just deal the 2-time allstar cornerback to Edmonton for futures. Like they're so over-loaded with talent that they don't need a guy back to play NOW!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

I'd like to see Obie make a move for him

The Toronto Argonauts traded cornerback Byron Parker to the Edmonton Eskimos on Monday.

Parker returned to the Argonauts last month after being released by the Philadelphia Eagles but had become frustrated by the coaching staff's reluctance to put him back in the starting lineup.

"I don't want to be one of the me, me, me guys. I'm all about the team. I just don't think the explanation they have been giving is accurate," said Parker before this weekend's loss in Winnipeg.

The two-time All-Star has returned six interceptions for touchdowns over his CFL career and the Argonauts currently rank last in the league with nine.

But Argonauts head coach Bart Andrus felt Parker needed more time to learn the defensive system.

"He is still learning all the details of the defence," Andrus told the Toronto Sun. "It's just a matter of time before he becomes a staple."

But Parker disagreed with Andrus' assessment, saying the system has been easy to learn.

"The defence that I grew up on, of how to play the CFL game, was complicated," Parker said. "You had to read, play with your eyes, under Rich Stubler. Here, most of the time I am high, or I got the dude in front of me. That is not hard to learn."

So who did the Eskimos send the other way?

a 4th round pick in this years draft. hahaha Andrus got owned on that deal, Parkers an all star.

WOuld have been nice to see him in black and gold!

Andrus probably realized how much of a stupid move he made already gift wrapping Bruce for us :lol:

Dose not mean we can call Edmonton and Inquire about Parker..

I am not surprised Obie sat on his hands. If you look at the other clubs - they are loading up and we are just sitting on our hands.

Can you not realize a joke when you see one? Notice the -----> ***** :lol: ***** <-----------
lighten up lol.

Presumably the Argos were aware that Parker is going to be a free agent in a few months. Maybe they tried unsuccessfully to re-sign him for next year, and they wanted to get whatever value they could for him. I would think they could have done better than a fourth rounder, but then I'm always surprised at how "illiquid" the trade market is in the CFL.

Why do all-star DBs keep landing in Edmonton's lap?

You want all the Canadian draft picks you can get I think, 4th round a bit low but still, it's another pick of the pot.

The Allstar DB's end up in Edmonton becuase they don't sit on their hands!

8) Well, I guess Obie is a little too late on this one, isn't he ??

Ever think Obie did inquire but the Blue team didn't want to hand Parker over after what the Cats have gotten out of Bruce?

I love how people think it's just that simple...

:x No actually he ISN'T, a simple call to the Eskimos could result min them flipping him, not quite sure why you think he is off limits

How do you think we got Goodspeed????

Why would Edmonton flip him to us? They just stole a very good player. They aren't just going to hand Parker to us cause the Blue team wouldn't swing him here.

Well, after Jonte' Buhl was released, the Esks tried Bobby Keyes in his spot. After two games against the Riders in which the Esks were less than stellar on D, the Esks have landed Parker at precisely the position they need to reinforce. :wink:

Thank you for your attention. LOL


Maybe I'm forgetting someone, but it seems to me that, throughout this whole, painful, 6-years-and-counting rebuilding process, we've rarely tried to pick up an experienced DB through free agency or trade. The only ones that come to mind are Wayne Shaw way back in '04 and Chris Thompson more recently. Otherwise, we've been content to take our chances developing raw rookies.

You can argue that the rookie method worked if you think our current DB crew is solid. I would counterargue that 6 years is a long time to wait to get to an acceptable level at any position.

Obie seems less averse to bringing in experienced players than his predecessors were. Maybe we will take a run at Byron in the free agency market.

8) Exactly. :thup: