Arg-holes vs Bunkers game thread

Starting a little late here, with about a minute left in the half. WPG already has two receivers hurt, and the 'blows are up 8-3.

That had to be the best coffin corner punt I have ever seen. It almost hit the flag on the way out of bounds.

The question in the last few plays is which team wants it less? Fumble by Owens, immediately followed by an arm punt by Brink of Disaster.

Owens redeems himself by getting deep behind the defenders, and Ray puts it right on the money for the TD.

The blue team leads the blue and gold team at the half 18-13.

WPG is even more injury-depleted with Matthews out. But is that an excuse for Brink's numbers?

A. BRINK 6/16 131 0 2

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The only thing keeping his numbers from being unacceptably bad is a 55 yard pass to Denmark.

Neither team looking very impressive to me. And that's just the way I like it when these two teams play each other. :slight_smile:

On the replay, it did look like Brink and intended receiver were not some same page on that armpunt, which led to long armpunt return, which led to Owens getting TD.

And that’s the second time in as many games that Owens fumbled one away.

On another note, it’s interesting how Boyd has only five carries so far.

Brink and Matthews were on the same page there, just different books.

It did still look to me like Brink and the WPG receivers are not referring to the same playbook on that last drive. :slight_smile:

Well, aside from that first completion.

Is that the second near-block of a Waters punt?

WPG RB Chad Simpson has 12 carries for 77 yards, but is on the sidelines now, with Riva taking his place? They just keep getting more injury-depleted.

Was that the ex-tiger-cat Kyle Walters coaching for Winnipeg?

Simpson is back. But WPG offence still not looking good as Brink falls on dropped snap.

Looks like it is.

Ray's pass tipped, picked. Looked like he tripped over a teammate, or was it Ray he fell over?

Doe! :slight_smile:

No surprise to see two incomplete ones thrown by Brink after that.

Palardy good from 22 to make it 18-16 blue team.

Looks like a real branburner going on here


If you just starting watching, you didn’t miss much. There have been plenty of punts, and many bad passes by Brink.

But wait… Owens responsible for ANOTHER turnover on a punt return?!

Hiya BYF… yea just turned it on…looks to be a keystone cops episode

Queue the Yakaty Sax music.

They get FG after that turnover after Palardy was good from 38.

19-18 WPG.

CFO commented on how it seemed to be about who wants it less. That's the way this game appears.

The team that'll win will likely be whichever one does not screw up as much.

That would be an appropriate soundtrack for much of what happened this game, like that snap that just bounced off of Brink.

Brink is now 8/27?!

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I hate watching games IN Toronto.

No atmosphere, no noice and it is depressing when they show the (lack of) fan.

I sure wish they could fix this team.

The Als got out of Olympic Stadium for similar reasons. I’ve been thinking for some time that the blue team needs a real football stadium.

Wait, one of these teams just got an FD? Seems like first one in a while as WPG offence gained ground as Brink completed one.

Palardy goes 5/5 to make it 22-18 WPG.

I have to admit, I like Winnipeg's helmet. Too bad their blue and beige uniforms don't match them.