Aren't you happy Tillman traded Manzeil!!!!

… NEVER entertained … significant snap for this team …


Yes, this season was all about bringing Manziel on slowly, to get him to a situation where we would be successful. This season, his job was backup. He would come in:
a) when the game result was not in doubt (Hamilton up by a bunch or down by a bunch with not much time left)
b) if the starter went down OR
c) if the starter was struggling.

All of those things could have happened this season … but hadn’t yet. Last game (against Saskatchewan) he had his helmet on, and was going to go in for the next series. But … the control centre took a Sask TD off the scoreboard giving a chance for Hamilton to win it. So the backup goes back to the bench.

Next season was his chance to fight in training camp for the starter’s role.

So I would not classify him as “trade bait”. They’ve been very (VERY!) upfront with Manziel (and fans) about his role. He knew going into camp that he was third on the depth chart, and he moved up to second, and started the season as backup.

“we need him now more than ever”

Debatable. Even those who don’t think Masoli is in the same league as Reilly and Ray and Levi-Mitchell acknowledge he is a legitimate starter in this league. He’s been a “top performer of the week” for two weeks this season and “top performer of the month” for June. He is legitimate.

Andwhile I haven’t seen Dane Evans play (except as a holder :)), I’ve heard nothing but good things about him.

Look, I get it. Down by < 7 with 1:00 on the clock,there are QBs that you assume are going to just win the game for you (and you’re legitimately surprised when they don’t). Flutie was definitely that guy. Ray was definitely that guy. At times, Collaros was that guy. Masoli is not that guy (yet). But there aren’t many guys like that around.

Manziel might be that guy. He could be the second coming of Flutie. But let’s wait for that story to be written.

Lots of truth in what you say about where yards are made...trouble is, for this team is not between the 20s, its from the 10 to the other team`s 20 since we are buried so deep so often...

People look at the field position disadvantage but dont seem to recognize its importance...our D and STs are failing this team when it comes to providing field, STs took 4 penalties, 2 of them after kick returns that should have had us starting around the both cases, we had to start at the 20...40 yards in penalties, and 40 more yards that Masoli had to throw for and 2 or 3 more passes that he needed to complete, the O-line had to block for...

Complain about red-zone all you want, but because of our lousy ST and bend-but-dont break (that is, give up all the yards you want between the 20s) D, we need to complete more passes to get there and to finish, and the reality is, the more work you make an O do to get into the end zone, the more likely it is you can keep them out of it.

Yup. So many fans don't have a grasp of this or it's importance.

Im sick of the stat crunching when at the end of the day the only thing that matter is scoring and winning. Ive said it time and time again, BACK BREAKING INTs and he hasnt shown the ability to finish. There is no excuse. Put the ball in the end zone. Great players make plays, great players elevate those around them. I dont see it with him at all. I dont dislike Masoli but hes just flat out not good enough. The fact we havent had another QB take a snap is pathetic. Eggs in one basket aint working. Show a different look. Mix it up at least. If Manziel beats us next week, on two weeks of practice, that should be it for management.

What does this mean? Why do Tiger Cat fans feel this way? News at 6.

We didn't trade for Manziel . He signed as a free agent and became the backup quarterback . We traded Johnny for 2 starters who have been all-stars in the league and 2 number one picks. Tillman, Jones, Young, and Mitchell got it right !

Gretzky got traded. Montana got traded. Hall of fame super stars get traded . Johnny Football is a prospect/suspect who has yet to prove anything in pro football . If he becomes a CFL super star, then he's gone in a year and a half. If he fails, then he's gone even sooner.

The Cat management should be applauded, not vilified.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

They've been telling me to relax since Day One. No Grey Cups going on 20 years, except the two they fudged. When fans start telling me to relax or the season's young that's when I get nervous because they're projecting. They're speculating. I understand that they play Ottawa again but I have no reason to believe they'll win it. This offense can't score 19 points. 19 is all it took to win against Sask but no takers on the Ticats. You got the same coaches, same atrocious play calling, same dumb penalties, same dropped passes, same confusion on receiver routes, same not being able to finish, same horrible offensive line, same defensive line last in the league in sacks...same old same old... I'll give the Ticats 7 wins this season - MAX. They haven't justified the belief shown in them so far. They're losers. They're not a good football team. On paper, but that's about it.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Nailed it Katman!

Masoli keeps racking up those 300+ yard games, but the red zone is kicking his ass. I truly don't understand it. He should be converting at least 1/2 of the red zone penetrations. The CFL field is huge. Your end zone gives so much more buffer that an American field.

Wait. You telling me that Masoli has been in the organization for the last 18 years? 8)