Aren't you happy Tillman traded Manzeil!!!!

How What?.........Fire Tillman and Mitchel.

Yes long overdue

The fact that Manziel was traded is bad enough, but in every sport it is an idiotic move, no matter the return to trade a player of that magnitude to a divisional rival...

And guess what, we are now the team in need of a starting QB

The Backup QB Bowl tonight was full evidence of that

What a ClusterF--K, And Bob Young goes another year with inferior Management.

Bob " PLEASE CLEAN HOUSE!!!!!!!!!"

Very happy.
When’s the last time Johnny threw for 352 ?

Everyone relax. We’re not 0-6
We’re 2-4 we’ll be ok.

You guys are the same people that were guaranteeing a Grey Cup win when we beat Edmonton. Lol you guys are hilarious.

June Jones..... is that you??

Cooler heads prevail.

300 yards is what you do between the 20’s. It gives you statistics. What you do inside the 20’s gives you points. You need points to win.

But have no fear.... Hamilton should be a huge favorite next week. Is it even possible to think that you could lose to a team in as much disarray as the Als with the possibility of starting a QB who has never had a snap in the CFL and played his last pro football game more than 900 days ago? No... I don’t think so.... but sleep well this week anyway. ?

If you are a Cat fan, can you tell me what you're on? I need some of that.

So now Johnny Tiger Cat Slayer is gonna be a real life thing.
That’s just great. be fair...there is no way, no how, that Johnny Football was ever getting into that game today.

Why would he? It was really close and apparently thats what you do.

Secondly, our QB threw for over 300 yards, now only 9 games shy of a record!

I believe Bob Young's ego was stroked along with Mitchell from the whole Manziel debacle right from the beginning.
The signing in the first place set this team back about four weeks in wasting time and effort on him. While the rest of the league was working on football strategy. We were working on a P R stunt. Not to mention the salary dumping that went along with it. Hope it was all worth it.

This is a horribly hot take.

Check out TiCats Fan Reaction on YouTube. That’s me.

I hate losing it sucks more than anything. If we lose to Montreal then it’s time for change. But when we take a couple days and look back at this game. The ball is on the 24, with a Tasker and Toliver in the game do we win ? Quite possibly - a couple changes here and there and we’re all talking about an ugly win but it doesn’t matter how we win blah blah.

I still have faith in he group. Take a deep breath and remember what 0-8 felt like. We’ll get back on track.

Judging from what I have read recently, it is of my opinion this team NEVER entertained the idea of Manziel ever taking a significant snap for this team, they used a neg list player and parlayed him into a blockbuster trade with Montreal, who has been hot and heavy after the prom queen from as far back as 18 months ago.

Effectively they used Johnny Manziel as bait.. sad part is, we need him now more than ever

I believe the Ticats are in considerable danger of losing to the Als. Vernon Adams is exactly the kind of mobile quarterback that can run hoops around our defense like Brandon Bridge. Still can't beat him. Als aren't going to need Manziel next game. Vernon Adams will keep these guys on their toes and he's dying for some redemption. It's another trap game.


What’s your goal though? Just to get in the playoffs or win the East? If it’s to win the East the last 3 games they fudged will come back to haunt them guaranteed. It always works that way in football… Now the goal is to just get in the playoffs. They’re not catching Ottawa. They’ll ride this all the way to home field advantage. That ship has sailed. Cats had their chance and they blew it. In football you either win or you lose. This moral victory stuff is for losers. It doesn’t matter how close you were to winning. It doesn’t guarantee improvement or better results next time because each and ever game has a character of it’s own. It’s a whole new handful of Bits and Bites. These losses amount to a big wasted opportunity. I’m not being negative but a realist.

We have no idea what’s going to happen we have 12 games left.

Injuries could happen, and to say Ottawa is uncatchable is just wrong. There two games up and we play them again.

Mike Jones is a drop away from a TD in the open field from changing the game, missed opportunities this whole game to be honest which sucks.

But everyone needs to relax. We get back on track in Montreal, and start a roll.

You always have your sights on the Grey but you start by getting in with home field advantage. And then we just need to win 2 games (maybe 3) and we’re champs. It’s not like we’re in week 17 here guys, but you are right, we need to get back on track VERY soon