Aren't you glad that Bellefuelle isn't in Saskatchewan??

He left Saskatchewan to join the Als.. and look what the Als turned into?

aren't you glad that he's no longer here?

he's got to be one of the worst Offensive Co-ordinators I've ever seen.

The Rider fans are doing cart wheels and Montreal fans are, well, ya know…

The Rider fans warned you!

I'm just amazed it took less than a year to beat the Als creativity into submission.

I wonder if he still fines his QB for throwing to a player who is not standing still?

If nothing else, it put to rest a long, long debate here over whether our troubles were scheme or personnel-related.

Get your bets in. $20 says he ends up in Edmonton next season when Chaplaine is made HC. :?

Definitely sucks for Montreal, though.

How short a memory you have. You dont have to bring this up. I know him and he's a nice man, with a helluva lot more to contribute to a CFL team than you my friend.

The sit. with Marce in Montreal is unfortunate. He is a ball control type schemer with a history of problems in the red zone. Add to that his working with AC(a QB who is used to calling his own plays) and the backups and sending in the plays from the sideline and you have a recipie for disfunction(in the first year of this combo, mind you). I also went to high school and keep in touch with a hoggie in Mtl., he said everyone loves Marce except the media and certain HC's and GM's.

That being said, he probably wasnt the right guy for the job in Mtl. but who's fault is that? Head coach and GM Jim Paup. What kind of leader wont accept any of this responsibility? Jim Paup. Enter scapegoat.

Also if there was an award for OC's in the league no one is saying enough good things about another nice man and amazing schemer, Ken Miller. He wins my award this year.


what the hell man?

He's a terrible Offensive Coordinator. he's done awful in two cities!

Regina he was terrible and now he's terrible in Montreal as well!

sure he's a nice man but he sure doesn't have much of an offense!!

and i wouldn't be too sure about your first statement there.. I know my good share of football.... up Paup my have that right. Run your credetials by know your C.I.S. experience(7 yrs), your Vanier Cup championship ring, your five years of experience as a professional OC with league lows in turnovers(in Sask. in his first 2 yrs. as a pro coach). Sure, do it man.




Credentials don't mean squat when you're a sh!tty OC...which Bellefeuille was here, and is there...

Besides, whats that old saying??? "Nice Guys finish last.

Kel, do a poll among the Rider posters and see how many would like him back? I’ll bet I could count them on one hand!

Mods swearing! Shocker. I suppose we should have scrapped Pint when his defences were as suspect as Robert Pickton? I was personally proud to have a guy who cared about hanging on to the ball when so many are willing to identify that and penalties to be game keys in this league or any for that matter.

Maybe he ISNT a good OC. In your wisdom, how does a Marce get a job after allegedly flubbing it up in Sask? Even more reason to axe Paup if you are on the Mtl. BOG.

You clearly havent considered the multiplicity of events that contribute to a units ineffectivness.


Marcel may be a great guy. Everyone may love him. But please, if you are going to defend him as an offensive co-ordinator, bring some facts to the table. Where do his offenses rank in terms of scoring, red-zone efficiency, etc? Does he utilize the skills of the players he has? Answers to those questions are mostly no. And that is why he is not seen by alot of fans to be a good co-ordinator.

...he can stay as far away from Regina as he wants...good riddance...hopefully he gets a job with a division rival soon...funny how he goes to Montreal and Saskatchewan's offense becomes less predictable, while Montreal's appears to be entirely predictable...I'm not convinced that's a coincidence...

You are all ignoramuses with a lust for a lynching. I hope you all suffer unfounded professional persecution. JC knows what Im talkin' about and thats all that matters.


Ah, I see how it works...I disliked Bellefeuille as an OC, so I'm ignorant, as are others with the same it now...

...funny thing is, I don't consider you ignorant for thinking he was a great OC...wonder if that means anything...?

Um…who is JC?

Here is some food for thought!
SSK dumps him and they get their first home plauoff game ins years.

Mtl picks him up and they still are not assured of a playoff spot, and it wont be a home game.
Its the first time since 2001......

I think not!

Hey thanks for Ken Miller by the way.


I said great? Disliked and "a shitty OC" are the same thing? Hmmm...lucky we got a record.


I'll say this for Mr. Ignormuses. It takes a lot of guts or personal relationship to the guy to come and defend him as an OC on a football forum. Ball control offense in the CFL ! Theris an Ignoromoron if I ever heard one. LOl!

Marcel Bellefeuille: The inches we need are all around us. We will grab them one per down!

So thumbs up to CFLanyignoramuses for defending the creator of the "Blainville Offense"