Aren't the Lions Getting A Parade?

Read today that the Lions had some dinky rally in Vancouver where only about 700 people showed up. That can’t be all the city is giving them for winning the Grey Cup is it? I hope not.

well sheesh, its just another cup....we have so many....

5? Kind of disappointing that no one really showed up. The Esks have tens of thousand of people that show up for the GC parade.


That is it? Pretty sad eh? And so typically Canadian.

I mean now the media is trying to tell us how great it is for national pride that Justin Morneau wins this who cares baseball thingy.

Yet for our national football champions all they get is a get together at an art museum? It'd be funny if it weren't so sad.

Do you know where the art gallery is? First of all, it was outside the Art gallery, not inside. Its got a great platform for the players to show off the Grey Cup to the fans of Vancouver. The Art Gallery is a beautiful piece of architecture in downtown Van City.

Last time I checked, Quebec is still part of Canada. Unfortunately.

Bitching about how many fans show up to a rainy rally in BC. All I can say is, it must be a slow day in the mental institution for you to be posting crap like this.

absolutely stupid that it wasnt in BC place, or even GM place, or the coliseum, or....

The Esks have tens of thousand of people that show up for the GC parade.
not like there is anything else to do in the prairies.

Hey RoarLions.
Here in London when the Knights won the Memorial Cup they had a parade and 25,000 people showed up. All you people in VAncouver can muster is 700? Talk about apathy?

No wonder its so quiet for Canuck games. When it comes to getting behind the home team, people in Vancouver would rather curl up with a good book.

Oh ya. It was so quiet in Vancouver for the Western Final (just ask the Riders). Canucks have 136 straight sell-outs. I love how you are picking on the Grey Cup champs.

Get a freakin life man. BC has great sports fans and I think we have more than proved that.

You're in London, Ontario? Other than Western It's a joke of a city. No CFL, no NHL, nothing. Go to the Ridout and pick-up some 14 year old girl. Oh wait, it closed down.

Woah calm down there big guy. It's pretty embarassing when you can't hold a parade for the GC and have to instead hold a small gathering of less than 1000. I thought everyone in Vancouver was supportive of the Lions. It appears that many aren't as interested as I had previously thought.

i thought they supported them alot too but oh well good post esks123


hey, I am calm. I was just taking a friendly shot at ya all. As for vancouver support, problem is, we got too many first and second gen canadians, not to mention riff raff from the rest of canada. :twisted:

Actually, according to CTV at 6 it was 2500 that showed up.

I suppose it means much more to have peeps go through the turnstiles at B.C Place so congrats to B.C for that but it would have been fantastic to see a decent turnout at this function

2500 in the middle of a rain soaked Tuesday afternoon while most people were at work. Could have been much worse.

it didnt rain much during the actually event, only started again near the end.