Arena League Scooping Players

You may have heard that the Bombers lost back up qb Ryan Dinwiddie to the Arena League, despite being in the option year of his contract, well now the Wpg Free Press is reporting that Ron Warrner has also jumped ship. Hopefully someone can find the link.

Thank you SMS, this is a sad indicator of the what future holds for the league now that everyone is going to be handcuffed, you cant pay them all I guess.

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omg...were gonna complain cuz the SMS lost such a star player as ryan-freakin-dinwiddle?

who cares?...the guys a 'never-was'....big loss :roll:

AFL is not real football, it's the WWE version.
All gimmick not style.

Well than, it's a gimmick that's managed to be successful with fans, and produce some pretty darn good CFL/NFL players.

The CFL has to do something about the AFL

I wish they could honestly. But look at the United States, they have the economy for like 10 football leagues. The AFL fans are the leftover’s of NFL fans that can’t get into their soldout (or too high ticket price) NFL team, so they head down the road to see some local AFL football.

Question is, should NFL and CFL be wanting a league like this around? Can guys really keep their skills moving between real football and arena football? If there is some kind of skill problem or anything, maybe the league’s should stop accepting player out of the AFL jointly. Otherwise they’ll all go to another league in the offseason.

The CFL does not need to do anything about the laughing stock AFL.
Now that our league is prospering with a high TV value contract, plus a higher cap, paying players more money and with the average salary getting closer to what nearly $100,000 is medicine enough.

This "Laughing stock" is pretty freakin popular.

There is another thread on this topic.

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TCTD points out that DB Arnold Parker,
still listed here as a Tiger Cat

signed with the Los Angeles Avengers
of the AFL on Jan 15/07.


Now that is hitting closer to home, argotom.

Explain to me andkon where beside some limited areas of the US, and I won't even mention the numerous foldings and shifting of franchises, how this league is as you say "popular".

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They have a national TV contract with ESPN.

League attendance has risen by over 3000 fans a game since the year 2000.

By no means is the AFL more popular than the CFL. But, that doesnt make it some Mickey Mouse bush-league. And, as CFL fans, I don't think we're ones to talk about "numerous foldings and shifting of franchises", since it always seems like one of our franchises is in some form of trouble.

Maybe so, but the CFL has never been healthier.
As for ESPN, that's not a major network. Seems to me how the AFL was on NBC a couple of years back and had awefull ratings. Well behind tractor pull, but ahead of the NHL, which is not saying much.

ESPN isn't a major network, but is owned by ABC (?). TSN isn't a major network, but is owned by CTV, what's the difference?

Personnally I like the AFL.

It is just a different version of the game of football and is very entertaining.

The league has been around 20 years and is in no danger of disappearing (even spawning a minor league in AFL2).

The CFL may or may not like it, but NFL owners seem to be fans, several have looked into buying teams. And many are already involved.

It is a fun league.

My point was that both Warner and Dinwiddie are under contract to the Bombers, this is a bad precedent to be setting, we know the AFL doesnt recognize CFL contracts, but can you blame a player for needing to make a living.

Alot of people could also say that Hockey as we know it today is not "real" Hockey because it's played indoors. (Remember it was orginally played outdoors long before indoor ice making equipment.)

It may not be popular in Canada, but don't sell it short. It's been VERY popular in the u.s. for over 20 years now so it's here to stay.

As far as being a gimmick?? It's a pretty hard hitting gimmick that not just any football player can succeed at.

Neither the CFL or nfl could do anything about the AFL. It is it's own league with it's own fans and players,20 years old and depending on the contracts they sign, players can go anywhere they want and the big leagues can't do thing one about it.

I find it pretty ironic that as CFL fans some of us are bashing what we think is an inferior football league or a "bush league". It's not a gimmick it's just a different brand or style of football, just as the CFL is a different style of football compared to the NFL.

What he said! :thup: