Arena League Players

With the AFL playing it's championship game right now is there a chance of the Tiger-Cats (or any other CFL team) bringing in some AFL players? And what about NFL Europe players? You'd have to think that there are now many quality players out there without contracts.

ps - Arena Football is so hard to watch. I've watched about 5 minutes of the Arena Bowl and it's putting me to sleep. It's a big gimic.

The Arena League may be boring too watch, but it generates more $$$ than the CFL. Therefore, they can pay the American players more $$$.

As a player I'm not sure which league I'd want to play in. Arena Football is a gimic. It's hardly even football (in my opinion) but the players can stay in America and get paid well. But you pretty much sacrifice your chance of ever playing in the NFL, if that's your goal.

In the CFL you play outdoor football and although the rules are different than the NFL... the football is a lot more similar than the AFL. As a sacrifice you have to move to a different country (if you're American) and possibly make less money.

I'd have to lean towards the CFL.

Marcus West & George Gause already brought in from NFL Europe & they played pretty damn good on Friday in there CFL debut.

look i don't know much about it so i'm not gonna pretend to..but in my opinion the CFL is way more fun to watch then the NFL OR AFL!!!..even though you don't get near as much money as you would in the NFL playin' in the CFL i would rather play in the CFL it'd be way more fun i think!!!!....Canadian Football rules!!!

Not true!

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“Salary,? said Brigade head coach Kevin Porter, who spent four seasons with the Chiefs as a defensive back. The average salary in the AFL is $40,000, and the highest paid player makes $168,000. The salary cap is $1.8 million, but that includes more than just salaries. Players in this league play for the love of the game, not to get rich.

I agree with almost everything that you've said...

Except one.

I would rather play in the NFL. Why? MONEY!

But if the NFL and CFL paid the same... CFL forsure!

The AFL average pay is about 2000 less than the CFL minimum.

i know that(about the money) but it's key if you like what you're doing, yes you need money but we don't need to get greedy about it lol

i’d play in the CFL because its a more exciting game, fast paced, I just love the game. The crowd seems more into it. I’ll watch a CFL game & the people in the stands just go absoutley crazy, I know there are die hard fans in the NFL aswell but for some reason a CFL atmosphere just seems like a better place.

The money aspect wouldn’t come into play in my mind, however thats easy to say, If I had a 60thousand dollar contract for say the BC Lions opposed to a 300thousand dollar contract offer from the Detriot Lions turning down the Detroit Lions offer would be awful hard considering how much I’d potentially give up.

Yes they did.