Arena Football League

I've been following the Forum on the AFL Website, and I'm frankly impressed with the number of americans who are knowledgable of the CFL. I think its partly that they follow the guys who come out of the college system, wherever they go, and they pick up aspects of the league or teams they go it.

Overall, the AFL is relatively entertaining, and fills that void between the time the NFL season ends and the CFL starts back up. Wasn't aware there had been a AFL team in Toronto back in 2001.

TV coverage for the league has been good, but this past year NBC did not show as many games as the previous couple. I understand they have decided not to pick up the contract this year, but games can be seen on Fox and OLN - not certain, I don't watch either channel or network that much. Anyway, As I said, its good filler during the winter, and I think there around a dozen or so active CFL players in the AFL. Probably a couple of dozen former CFL'ers also.

it was a very sad day when the winnipeg arena was demolished because it would have been perfect for an Arena Footbal team! anything that could give canada more exposure is very good news for the cfl!!!