Arena Football League

I was watching the Jacksonville Sharks vs Tampa Bay Storm yesterday on the NFL Network and man-oh-man was it bad. There's no defence to be heard of! You get 2 defensive stops and you are all but assured of winning the game. 4 downs on a 50 yeard field is way too much and the QB's that I saw just plain sucked! Aaron Garcia, apparently one of the best players in the league, couldn't hold a candle to an NFL, CFL or even UFL QB. In my opinion this sport is a gimic. Much like roller hockey was when the RHI was around.

So, with all that being said...

Is the AFL a legit stop for "real" football players or is it a dead-end for guys that are just looking to make a few bucks because they're too dumb to get real jobs in the real world?

Right on all points Rusty, but hey with the third-highest unemployment rate in the country here in Florida, anything for some extra work right?

(note that the real rate is more like 20% when all the part-timers and underemployed are counted)

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I bet most of these guys have some job part-time here in Florida, like working at a bar on the weekends for straight cash, and then this gig pads things for them for now until the awful league and awful brand of football folds again.

What's really dumb is that the weather is nice here now, and I have no idea why anyone in their right mind would actually go watch that crap indoors as if in an old shopping mall.

Basically these lame carnivals go on everywhere for no fundamentally good reason as long as there are enough suckers born every minute.

I agree that it’s a gimmick. Although Kurt Warner did come out of that league.
Ever year CFL teams sign some really good players from Arena Football.
I guess some positions skill set lends itself to the CFL game.

Having said that, 1 or 2 defensive stops wouldn’t be bad once in a blue moon…

I have enjoyed some arena games in the past, and if it was the only football on during football season, I would watch a lot of it. I don't care how it compares to any other football, just like I don't care how cfl compares to NFL or how NA football compares to aussie football. Its all good for me. Of course I have my preferences but....

some people should open their minds. Its a different game, like grass hockey is to ice hockey, or pro wrestling is to mma, or squash is to racquet ball, etc.

I opened up my mind and made it up too. Some of these sports like the NBA and arena football and UFL and field hockey and pro wrestling (not really a sport) outright suck and some of them are just plain great.

May everyone else open up their minds too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried many times to get into Arena Football. Hey, it’s football! Right? Wrong!

It’s a gimic.

Arena Football is to football what Slam Ball is to basketball.

Don't watch it then ... it's been around for quite a while so they must be doing something right..

Yeah following that logic, just because it’s been around awhile like a whole lot of things that suck eternally, well then something must be good about it blah blah blah blah blah … :roll:

The Arena is almost as close as a joke to the XFL, nuff said :cowboy:

Have to admit I like watching it, not as much as regular gridiron but it’s ok.

I keep trying… I really do.

If Ottawa got a team I’d even drive the 2 hours to see them play live… but I just can’t take it seriously.

A QB throws a little 5 yard rainbow pass and the dude runs 30 yards for a TD. Just not enough Defence.

My idea to make AFL better…

3 Downs. It’s so damn easy to get 10 yards with 4 downs.

Rusty, Rusty, Rusty. . . methinks you have entirely too much time on your hands, my friend.

I'm just a sports nerd. I've read all about the history of the Arena League and really like following it (on paper) but watching it is just painful.