Arena Football League

I thought on Sunday I would watch a little Arena football to see how many CFL players would be playing. In watching the game between Chicago and Kansas City I realized for the first time how limited the play calling is. I don't think that is has anything to do with the coaching it is just the game itself does not allow for a whole lot of imagination. I do not think either team ran anymore than 10 to 15 different offensive plays in the entire game. I would think as a player you would find this pretty boring over a 16 game schedule. I realize that this was the opening week, but it still comes off looking pretty lame.

Well, when you get down to it, football really is about blocking, tackling, running, catching, throwing. I remember in grade 9 for junior football, we had 7 plays, no passing plays, and won the game 3-0. Our coach's philosophy was, "we're coming at you right here, now try and stop us." So while arena football may not be for everyone and could be a bastardization of the rules, it still is football.

Earl, point well taken. I played some football myself so I know what you are saying. It just takes away from a game that they are struggling to market...

Actually Arena Football is as popular as ever.They have their own video game which is awesome. ESPN owns a portion of the league and if anyone can market the league its ESPN. You’re right there are only a handful of plays they can run but you have to take into consideration the dementions of the field. I like that the ball is always in play and that it’s fast paced and high scoring.

I don’t mind arena ball, I’ll watch a bit of it from time to time if there is no decent hockey game on. Just watch it for fun though, don’t get into it like regular football or hockey.

They have their own video game which is awesome
I saw a commercial for the game the other day. I believe that EA Sports makes it. The graphics looked great. Any game that EA Sports makes is worth buying whether you like the sport or not.

Yes sir its made by EA sports. This is the second edition of the game. They must be doing something right

I have the first AFL game for PS2. I pre-ordered it months before it was released... Seriously... it's simple. Fun to play... but nothing to it. No commentary and the season mode was... blah.

i went with a buddy to see the buffalo destroyers play once.
they had a great tailgate party, and the hsbc arena was fabulous.
the football was less than stellar. no running, a lot of standing around, even a five-yard completion seemed monumental.
buffalo was driving on their last possession and got a little bit over the centrefield stripe, and could've kicked a field goal to win.
however, they took three offside penalties in a row, three yards each time, which moved them into such a position that they couldn't kick the field goal because the hanging, giant score clock was in the way ... so the kicker had to drill it low instead of lofting it, and it torqued way wide and buffalo lost.
i thot that was a crap way to lose the game.
there were lots of cflers in both lineups (the other team was grand rapids) which made it interesting.

I am absolutely DUMBSTRUCK by the AFL's SUCCESS ...

Whoever is RUNNING that League should be OFFERED DOUBLE their salary to come up and be CFL COMMISIONER ...

To get ANYBODY to shell out HARD EARNED $$ for that COMPLETE JOKE of a game is IMPRESSIVE ... just IMAGINE what they could do with a REAL PRODUCT like the CFL !

Based on what they have done with that BASTARD CHILD of Football called AFL I predict they would have the CFL running at 12 TEAMS by the end of this DECADE.