Arena Football League to Fold?

According to this article, the Arena Football League might be in the danger of folding. If so, how would this impact the CFL (or would it impact it at all)? Also, would the caliber of player available for the CFL improve or pretty much stay the same if there were less options for free agents out there.

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My guess it doesn't affect the CFL too, too much but not sure exactly. I'm sure we lose a few good players each year to the AFL but not enough to make a huge difference. Anyone know off the top of their head a name that the CFL lost to the AFL that was a real CFL impact player?

Only if you can think of Kevin Mason or Tony Kimbrough as an "impact player"...........which I can't.

No affect at all.
Wow, I remember Godfrey and his ilk years ago when they bought the Toronto Phantom, more of Teds money going down the toilet, telling us it was going to compete and the CFL was in trouble.
Just like yesterday, what a bunch of crap.

The only name I can recall is Michael Bishop.
I believe it was Pinball who convinced Bishop to stay in Toronto when
he was considering going to the Arena league. For better or worse Bishop
has definitely been an 'impact' player this year. :wink:

Well, they can go around collecting beer and pop cans for cash!

I was just listening to the Fan590. They were talking to Scott Mitchell (President of the Hamilton Tiger Cats)about the folding of the Arena League.

They also mentioned that there is 3 new leagues starting up in the States. The UFL, AAFL, and the USFL. See

Going, going..............gone.

Arena league is an aberration of football if I ever saw one.

Never watched a game, never had any interest.

Joe Smith has already beat them to that! :lol: :lol: :lol:

It's officially dead now.

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Do the players get paid out at all?