Arena Football League Suspending Operations

Had 6 teams last season, up from 4 the year before. Caps and Wizards owner Ted Leonis owned both the Washington and Baltimore clubs.

May restructure as a 'travelling league'. Can't see that flying.

There are a couple of other indoor leagues. The IFL which is growing but remaining Western-centric and the NAL which is on the east coast but teams come and go frequently.

Too bad the league and this version of the sport can't seem to find it's niche. But after this, the failure of the AAF and all of the spring league's before it. It seems like after the NFL and division I NCAA, there's no other football interest south of the 49th.

I thought the arena football league was pretty stable… Apparently it wasn’t. Sad that it was a lawsuit that stopped the indoor football. Some of those rules seem kinda fun

Maybe they should try going to Italy or Japan or Mexico? :wink:

I remember back in the day hoping that a Canadian version of Arena football would take root.

I also recall when the arrival of the Rogers-owned Toronto Phantoms was trumpeted as the death knell of the Argos. Ooh, scary.

The same.


I’ve always found arena football to be a ridiculous concept. And that’s despite the fact that I very much like indoor soccer!



The problem is how the game was played . IMO >

Too small a field for traditionalists .

The way I see it , It is Too much like outdoor football that requires a larger field .

Maybe quasi football , Rugby and Handball . Don’t know for sure but something different and unique .

Losing the end boards and placing a area for the player to place the ball thru that sits so far off the ground and maybe the size of a hockey net would change the game to something very different .

I never liked it because it was too much trying to be mini football . Reminds me of when they have little kids play soccer on mini fields .

Plus Way too much scoring with traditional football moves.

Making it something different but with the same physical hitting with formations and plays would make it similar in some fundamentals but different enough to catch on as something unique .

It really requires a unique sport that has some football roots but is not football .JMO >

Bah to what, me, my opinions, arena football, indoor soccer or soccer in general?



Couldn't agree more. The AFL had a good run but I have been stating for years that it should have always been played in Canada. Think about it. The game has always been suited for 3 down ball because you certainly don't (or shouldn't) need 4 downs to advance ten yards on a covered Hockey rink. It's more of a passing game much like the CFL. The offense already had unlimited motion like the CFL. I think it would have been a great way to condition and prepare young U Sport athletes for pro ball. Much better than these German and Mexican "leagues" that couldn't hold a candle to pee wee football players. And what about kickers honing their skills? You kick a field goal from the other end zone and that's 50 yards....through a 9 foot wide goal post!

RIP (for good this time I think)

Arena was my first experience of pro football back when they came over for some exhibition games in the early 90s

I’m so old I saw the Detroit Drive play in Paris, folks!

Ah just on the indoor soccer opinion - you are “OG” around here I figure.

Nor should there be interest in the Arena Football League because it's inherently boring. I can attest to that because I've attended games over the years in the hopes it would be better....only to be disappointed.

If Arena ball was expensive for owners, this league would have died decades ago. Since it was cheap it remained.

Tbh if always wanderd if arena football could work in canada, in the states, the AFL failed again because of having past problems, the IFL is growing with the addition of having pretty well known NFL stars owning oakland and spokane, my thaught is that in canada we have rinks all over the place, how ever we dont have alot of football stadiums, now the rules of IFL are more like canadian with having a slot receiver and more motion, its fast pase and can be played year round, my only thaught is because CFL is a bigger field, how many large rinks can have Olympic size ice rinks??? I know almost ever NHL arena in canada can have the size how ever it’s a process to make the room, playing on a larger rink could be more fun but why not have a west league and an east league with no interlocking play and then winner’s play at a neutral rink, bc for instance has 1 cfl team but citys like kamloops, kelowna, prince george, and the lower mainland have tones of outta citys like abbotsford that could house such a sport. Allow the CFL team in those provinces to use the arena teams as a way to create more interest for the cfl and football in canada and ise it as a development for players on practice squads, plus side is that it can be played year round, and average operating cost are around 750,000 dollars in the states