Arena Football League plans relaunch in 2024

Another one dropped in Rapid City. And they didn’t bother telling the visiting team.


The Rapid City team hasn’t been paid so they walked out.

What a sham this league continues to be. Apparently Billings is one of the few well run. They need to join another one next year.

Also, apparently Louisiana have folded too. If so, it’s down to 12 teams and only week 3

Edit: Another game was cancelled. Minnesota couldn’t make the trip


This league makes me think about what has happened with the development of real life video games on line, that ask for donations and do not even have a defined project, they try to start without having the bases and counting on what they do not have.

it is sad, I had many expectations that it would work but I think that indoor football is not attractive, although the IFL has been able to maintain and in some ways also the NAL, I think part of the problem is that in such a small field they keep the 4 downs, they should lower it to 3 and the game would be more attractive.

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Can we get any of these teams to join the CFL, assuming they have an outdoor stadium

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God I hope not. I don’t want that trash in this league.


We just need one more city (team)

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It appears they are going with the slow-burn strategy.

Maybe the smart move would be for any of the healthy teams to reach out to the Indoor Football League, and then for them to join forces to create two geographically-based conferences so as to slash those high travel costs until a post-season.

Meanwhile the UFL should be paying attention to some of these markets, particularly out west and in the southwest, for expansion.

Plus add Seattle due to its great scene twice now via the XFL.


I’ve always thought that too. 3 down indoor/arena football is the way to go. Most times when there’s a stop, it’s less to do with a good defense and more to do with a totally inept offense. As for AFL 3.0, it was bound to fail before it began. It’s a glorified Semipro outfit that bought the AFL name for nostalgia. The AFL ceased to be not even a full 5 years ago. Unlike the XFL or USFL that’s not nearly enough time for nostalgia to form.


Minnesota Myth are no more after 2 games.

I think they’re down to 12 team. I have no idea, have to look at Wikipedia. It’s more up to date than the league’s website.


Another local team nobody here cares about folded today, in line with the current slow-burn strategy.

As a seasonal pirate, I hearby by advise the rest of the teams in this league, flee the burning ship now before it goes down into murky waters flushed away in a giant whirlpool! Arrrggh!

The best bet for the remaining teams is to approach the IFL for next year RIGHT NOW.

It’s your call folks. Grab the lifeboat now, or you can swim and sink on the high seas! Arrrggh!


I don’t even think the ‘slow-burn’ strategy is working here

It’s a blazing inferno.


As usual you are correct sir.

I think slow-burn only works for charcoal, wood, ganja, tobacco, and candles.

Now I suppose we shall see how quickly the rest of the dominoes fall or what the other teams do.

Now I certainly don’t see the point in even having a 2024 season.




It appears the coup has finally happened. Hutton has been MIA all season.

Fisher is president and CEO of the Nashville Kats, one of the better run teams in this league.

Maybe there’s something to salvage here. I think there will be some dead weight still to be dropped.

The old website… actually has scheduled and standings…progress


AFL 3.0 is officially 3.1

A mid season reboot, ‘boots’ 2 more teams away.

Will now go with 10 under new leadership.

This version should be able to finish the season but more foolish words have been spoken before


At this rate as the league attempts to remain a going concern, we may need a new re-relaunch thread.

So the VooDoo are now the WhoDoo or the PooDoo.

The case is hereby closed, and there shall be no appeal.

As noted in the article @Mightygoose linked above:

The remaining teams in the relaunched league are the following:

Albany Firebirds
Billings Outlaws
Nashville Kats
Orlando Predators
Rapid City Marshalls
Salina Liberty
SW Kansas Storm
Washington Wolfpack
West Texas Desert Hawks
Wichita Regulators

Three teams remain in Kansas. @IllinoisGuy

The Wicked Warlocks of Wichita would have been better, aka the “Triple Dubs”, as well as perhaps the SW Kansas Totos and the Salina Slippers, but I digress.

In the following article is a photo off Jeff Fisher with a mean look on his face now as interim commissioner. I’m going to go ahead and take the under.

As a silver lining, maybe this is the league’s stop-gap before cutting a deal with the IFL for some of these teams.

For the sake of any UFL interest, I don’t see potential in any of these otherwise small media markets except that of the Washington Wolfpack, who play in Everett but of course it’s on the UFL to revive the Seattle Sea Dragons for a third time or not.


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which one is you :slight_smile:

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This one.


hmm. which is before and which is after :slight_smile: