Arena Football League - It's growing on me

I used to dismiss the AFL as nothing more than a gimmick. I had tried watching it on several occasions and each time I had a hard time swallowing it as "real football".

That's starting to change...

I've been PVR'ing the Friday night games that are shown on the NFL Network while I watch Friday Night Football.

I used to think that it was ridiculous that if a team got 2 defensive stops it was pretty much guaranteed that that team would win. Well lately I've come to realize that this league is SUPPOSED to be high scoring and that if a team gets a stop it's usually because of some great defensive plays and it makes the game much more exciting. It's better than watching NFL or UFL games where the teams trade 3 and outs after running 3 running plays that take 6 minutes off the clock to advance the ball 6 yards. NFL/UFL = Boring, AFL = Exciting.

I'm still not a fan of a few things about the AFL but I do find the games exciting.


  • Not really understanding the role of the Jack Linebacker (I think that's what he's called). He has to stay in his little box until the ball is handed off or thrown. Basically he's stuck there sucking his thumb doing nothing for the defense. It's hard to make a play when you can't make a play (does that makes sense?).

  • I don't really like the idea of 4 downs when you're using a 50 yard field. I'd go the CFL route and play with 3 downs or I'd give them 4 downs for the entire field. But the latter of those ideas might make the game even more gimmicky.

  • The talent. There are some half-decent players in the league but there are some really really bad ones, too. The players make so little that the AFL just doesn't seem like an option for some people that are serious about a pro football career.


  • Exciting. I like that fact that I'm not stuck watching 4 quarters of clock management. The NFL is just too boring. With the NFL they ride out the play clock on each down just to run the ball up the middle through a scrum for a gain of 2 yards. After doing that 3 times they punt. Boring.

  • The ball. I don't know... I just think it looks really cool.

  • The PAT. I love that it's not a gimmie. But that could also be reference to my point in the dislikes about the lack of talent. Either way... that 1 point is earned.

I could go on but I won't. Chances are only 4 people will read this anyways and 3 won't give a damn and the other 1 is probably as big of a nerd as I am. lol


Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

I'll be the nerd. The AFL I would rather watch is Aussie Rules. Best blend of athleticism (no 300 pounders, everyone has to run all the time), ball-handling skills (pass, kick, catch and run, with contact), fast pace (not like soccer) and high scoring that you'll ever see.

Like hockey and basketball, it lacks the chess-game aspect of gridiron football which requires so many short plays with huddles in between.

I PVR'd a couple of AFL games and kind of liked it. I like the kicking aspect and the game seemed much more enjoyable than Rugby to me. But I'm still a fan of the chess match aspect of Canadian/American Football.

i have really gotten in aussie rules. i wish TSN would show more games. i usually PVR them. since they get no press, its easy to watch whenever i want and be in suspense with the game.

There is nothing wrong with Arena Football …just a different twist on the game it may not be for everyone but there are people who do enjoy it …