Arena Football is a joke!

Arena Football is a joke!

It’s a gimic and nothing more.

San Jose just won the championship. They scored on EVERY offensive series except for one (they fumbled in the red zone). There is next to no defense… it’s horrible.

I always thought they needed to modify the rules a bit.

Have Five shots at the end zone, Thats it. No 1st downs.

The boards should not be out of bounds, just to make it a bit closer to Lacrosse and Hockey.

And there is some kind of problem with the kickoff. Change that some how too.

If the boards were not out of bounds it would be even harder to make a stop on defence. 4 downs is also A LOT when you only have a 50 yard field.

It dont matter. Why would you have boards if you can't use them in a way that is unique for football.

Boards not out of bounds.

Hey everyone is being too hard on Arena Football.

Without it many great players would be out of work (Or in the CFL which kinda peeves me off sometimes) But in a league with only 8 teams we can hardly employ all those players plus the players already in the league.

If you watch the games I find it entertaining and its always fun seeing a guy you knew from NFL or CFL come up.

Yes I do agree they need some rule changes. Everything Thryllin mentioned sounded good (I know we have our differences in other threads but good post man)

I enjoy Arena Football. I just don't get to watch it because I have no cable.

There should totally be a website that just posts week old football games from everywhere.

I am certain that there are a lot of good players in the AFL.

i think there is some ( not much but some ) defence but the field is so small.....teams only have to go like 20 yards to get into field goal range

I watched a few games, and found it to be more of a odd niche type sport. You can score like crazy, as points are rather easy to come by.