Areas of Improvement

What areas do we need to improve in to repeat as Western Conference Champios and go to the Grey Cup again?

An exciting Kick Returner comes to mind right away.

What else do we need?

We do need to plug in another DE to replace Chris Wilson , but even if it is one of the young guys we already got we should be good there. I hope Rick Foley gets a shot at the spot myself.
Then we need to either get Rob Murphy resigned or a guy who can be a reasonable replacement. I don't think we'll get another guy as good though .
One more LBer needs to show well , but once again , we got Johnson chomping at the bit there already . He was the reason Kidd got let go .Pottinger should be ready for much more action this season.
A lot of our needs will be addressed from our roster of already existing players who are moving up the ladder , but no doubt O'billovich will get us some real good new players too.
That is a credit to Wally Bouno that we got so much depth that we can just develop great players . No doubt we need to improve , but we had no real weaknesses last season that us fans can see . This is what we pay our GM for. I got full confidence that he'll get 'er done again , Sport.

Good analysis.

I didn't want to come across as arrogant or cocky, but there weren't many weaknesses that stood out. I guess injuries will be a big part this year, and finding players to make sure you have enough depth is the challenge.

If the blocking rules go back to the 2005 standard, then a Kick return specialist would be nice.