Area around the stadium

In another thread there is talk about how much business would be brought into town by a NHL team.I wonder.For the last few years almost every Ticat home game has been a virtual sellout.There are thousands of fans walking along Barton but almost no businesses take advantage of the potential windfall. For example almost no shops extend their hours,restaurants are closed etc.
A lot of opportunity is not taken advantage of.

Its the area around the stadium why lots of places close early etc. Its rough tough area and owners dont want to deal with the aftermath. also i think there isnt that much opportunity after the football season barton st isnt exactly a flourishing area full of business prospects. hookers and crack dealers arent exactly what one wants standing out front of their store. unforunately i cant ever see anyone really moving business down that way. way too many negatives to the very few postives

A friend of mine opened up a sub shop near the stadium. He was hoping to break even most of the time but do a booming business on game day. Business was awful no matter what day of the year it was. So he cut his loses and closed up shop. He will never go back. He has a successful restaurant elsewhere so he knows the business.

I don't really see what this proves about the area around the stadium. The Subway on Barton seems to do very good business and has been there for quite a while.

I was just agreeing with and reiterating what ohoh and ADAWG said. Maybe to be successful around the stadium you have to be part of a national chain - Subway, Tim Horton's, McDonalds - and not rely upon TiCat games to make a profit.

I think it would be foolish to open a business that relied on 9 days of the year.

(Unless you're selling well over 20,000 tickets per game :slight_smile: )

My point wasn't to open new businesses,necessarily but for the existing enterprises to stay open with extended hours to take advantage of an obvious opportunity.

Most small restaurents are open during the game and after around the stadium..especially around the Gage park don't know what you are talking about..
now if you are talking about Price Choppers or the liquor store or Home hardware..hey if you can't do your shopping any other day..well thats to bad for you..

The people that own parking lots probably get the most residual benefit from Ticat games. Some local bars get a boost for a few hours, and maybe fast food places and variety stores. Otherwise, gridlock and premium-priced or non-existant parking is bad for business.

I don't think anyone going to a game needs to buy hub caps on the way into or out of the stadium.

Other fine businesses in the area include 2nd hand tool shops, Rent-to Own and Liquidation World.

For fine dining...The Prince Eddy.

Hardly the theatre district...although in many other is. :lol: