Are you supporting the Eskimos Tonight?

Well, it is a few hours before kickoff, and nobody has expressed any thoughts about the game tonight. Where are all the true Eskimo Supporters at? This is a playoff game, if they lose, the season is over.
I am sorry, but I have not written off the Eskimos just yet. I am surprised, however, at the many so called fans that have written this season off.
I believe they can put it all together for 60 minutes tonight. If they cannot get up for this game, then they dont deserve to go any further.

I will be having wings, chili, chips and plenty of beer at my condo. Think I will be able to fit about 6-7 more people. First come, first served. There will be 8 of us yelling at the big screen cheering for the Esks!!
GO ESKS!!!!! THIS IS IT!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

Well, I'll certainly be cheering for the Eskimos to win, as I cheer for them to win every game... but I wouldn't be surprised if they lose. I'll probably have a beer or two, but that'll be it. Still trying to shrug off a cold.

I know one thing Esks31, if I could make it to your house tonight consider it written. I know one thing the Esk’s know there fate and will play their best. I expect the defence will show different hidden schemes and should/will surprise everyone at B.C. place. As for the offence, Ricky Ray gets it done. :cowboy:

Always cheer for the esks...but...lets face it things arnt right.god bless the esks!

I will and always have supported my Esks. I have been a fan since 1972 and have held 6 tickets every year for the last 20 even though I haven't used them in the last 15. I have 3 game worn Jerseys I bought back in 81 I have #1 Warren Moon's, 42 Dan Kepley, and #22 Tom Scott. I wanted Fennel's Parkers and kelly's as well but I didn't have enough for the locker room sale.

Went to the Game was a blast Left their with no Voice . Esks played great . I was suprised that Only 31k showed up on a Fri nite . I know the Nucks were playing but common that's Pathetic .