are you ready

for the beating were gonna lay on you on ur home turf

ur dreaming buddy the only way we will lose is if it comes down to kicking cuz Westwood Sucks and Claybourne can't kick over 40 yards Claybourne almost lost it for us last game with the huge shank in last minute i'd rather have Westwood punt just other bomber fans u gotta agree with me on this one just imagine in November if we make it to the Cup we'll lose hardcore cuz Claybourne will only get 10-20 yrds off his punts in the cold and wind he sucks

yeah and Warner and brown will destroy ur o line and ur QB!


Edmonton has gone down in skill and the bombers have gone up... i predict a close game, but bombers win.

I almost feel sorry for Ray......he may not last the entire game....gonna be at least 5 sacks and probably 3 INTs before he is carried off on a stretcher.....

...sig em....we're going to lay a lickin' on that weak 'o' line...Ray will be running for his life.. :wink:

well i guess u can scrap the claybourne thing..he got cut today..THANK GOD..he was terrible..hopefully this new guy has a leg, and can coffin corner it for us..he can also kick field goals..berry says he can probably make some from 60..even tho westwoods been doin good this year, he better step it up a notch

Don't count the Bombers out they have a few surprises up their sleeves

R you sure Claybourne got cut i haven't heard anything but i do now O'mahony got realeased finnaly from our squad

bring it on, RNR, you EE idoit! we will BOMB you!!! GET READY FOR DA BOMB!!!

I hope Kevin Glenn will be let loose and have a chance to throw a few bombs. This will be a good challenge for our secondary, If they can hold the Eskies receivers in check then I'll be sold on our DB's.

So pray tell how are they going to shore up that sieve they call the O line? They will probalby spend more time on their back than did Madame Txxxxxx.

Esks have allowed 4 sacks in two games, 4th place in this statistic in the league. Your crappy “renegade o-line” allowed in 6 in ONE GAME(8 total i think, which is the worst in the entire league). And the esks are the ones with sieve o-line? :lol:

The Bombers need to bring the heat on Frito Ray as well as cover the short dump passes. He won't have time to look downfield with Warner, Brown and company in his face all night! Looking forward to this matchup.

that is the beauty of having converted DBs playing OLB....they have the quickness to cover those little dump offs and you know the Barrin is going to own the middle of the field......this game like most will come down to who controls the line of scrimmage and who makes the fewest turnovers and mistakes....but I think its time that the Bomber receivers finally start making some plays...

I assume you have heard by now.....the new guy Paulescu (sp) can apprently really boom em......Westy is crapping his drawers because this guy was nailing 60 yard fgs at practice.....oh and he was rusty from not playing in a year....guess who put us onto him, Riley, he is still blue & gold to the bone.....

...right on Pigseye....he was also kicking off the turf...not from a kicking tee....this guy sounds too good to be true...but if he's the real thing...cudos to Riley (my favourite coach next to Bud Grant)...Westwood better start looking over his shoulder.. :o

For once im gonna take sides with the bombers lol.. Actually I dont really know what to expect for the game! As long as it shuts up Rawsomethingprickeyray, ill be happy... Go Bombers lol!!

Amen ESA......

.....why stop at Rnsrrrrrr?.....what about EE, EskTmac, Eski-Moses and the biggest (insert family rating here) of them all warner?....

....but leave off that list esk123 and supertoe, they're all-right guys who don't see life through greenish gold glasses......