Are you ready?

60 days left until the first pre-season game.

To bad we do not have any neutral site games.
Like some of us have been saying for a while, each team should have a third pre season game in their or the leagues new territorial areas for dear I say, future expansion.

That's an excellent idea argotom, I have never heard that suggestion before.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Me evil mind thinks an outstanding location for a game might N.Y.!

MWHA HA HA HA! Stick that in your oxygen tank Mr. Wislon and breath it!!!

I heard their trying to get a nfl team.

I heard that as well! 2 months is still WAY TO LONG! Hurry up June I am getting impatient.

I am anxious also, especially now that we have nice weather and can see the grass again, I am more and more anxious!

Geo I like that tit for tat?

ooh ooh, I know, we otta have a game in vegas.

And have that one guy sing the anthem again!

Oh Christmas Tre......Oh Christmas Tree....

I'm thinking an all-star pre-season game in Halifax or Quebec City. Show that on TSN and you'll have everybody jonesing for the season to start.

I think for the pre-season games they should have 2 camera men on the field one for the Offense and one for the Defense .