Are you ready to rip Vince if he makes the Riders?

I can just hear the chants now, Vince Dung...Vince Dung.

...My opinion and I'll put it as simple as I can.....The guy should have remained out of football because I think he's a has been...A broke one at that after squandering millions...So no I won't rip Vince...his detractors in Regina will be more than up to that task....The only concern for me is the image that this signing brings to the CFL....I'd like to see him prove me wrong but I think the cards are stacked against him and it'll be one mountainous climb :wink:

Man there are a lot of Rider fans on the VY bandwagon! :smiley: I would be truly shocked if this isn't an out and out gong show.Out of football for years,out of shape,controversial personal life and attitude,odd throwing technique....I'd really lay money on this one.It would be the greatest sport comeback that I can think of.

He's signed but a long long way from taking a meaningful regular season snap for the Riders, and if he does, he has a long pedigree of producing mediocre results at the professional level to overcome. I remember that Texas-USC game when he led them to the big win though, he was quite good in that game. Whether he starts or Glenn, there won't be a lot of room to hide for the QB with the receivers they'll have to work with. Expectations will be high for their offense. I see Rod Pederson I think it was has already predicted a 10 win season again for them even though they haven't settled on a starting QB yet. I don't know why he bothers throwing stuff out like that before the mini camp or even before the draft. All it does is cost you to lose what little credibility you already have.

If I'm not mistaken good old Rod called them as cup winners preseason last year,I think he called 12 wins or something like that.I get homerism but he takes to a goofy level. :oops:

....Yeah..he certainly did...predictions like that make him look like a moron..Apparently he wears green pom poms and drinks the green kool aid daily so I guess we should expect that kind of stuff....12 wins :lol: :lol: :lol: