Are you ready? Time to get psyche'd up!

Everybody, get your hands together. We got some exciting football action coming together for you too…night. It’s finally here. It’s GO time. There’s gonna be helmets clapping together, some fantastic catches, some dipsydoodly running and some hands up in the air with shouts “Touchdown”.

All games this week are being televised. Time to find that butt mold in the chair and get comfy. I recommend nachos with sour cream and salsa for snacks with some Diet Pepsi or better yet if you are fortunate to live around a Wendy’s (which I don’t and it saddens me) I recommend 3 junior cheeseburgers and a Biggie Diet Pepsi. Yum yum.

Does anyone know where the mute button on the wife is located?

LOL ! mate if you find it be sure to tell me ! joking of course, i’m lucky , my wife watch football with me :smiley:

I’m ready for tonight, got my pack of beer in the fridge, my chips ! 11 hrs before kick off ! Enjoy your season everybody !

This season is gonna rock…I cant wait to go to some of the home games at Ivor Wynne (your so close to the game its amazing) your paying the same price for sideline tickets at a CFL game as you would for bleedy nose seats at a Leafs game (where all the players just look like a bunch of ants ont he ice jsut skating around) Its Going to be an awsome season good luck to all teams and players. And good luck to anybody doing the fantasy in the forums that are here. Its my first year doing it so hopefully i’ll have some beginners luck or something.

Am I ready? Oh, yeah! Ready for my favorite sports league to get going, ready for passes, runs, interceptions, fumbles and a five month long celebration of this country! Great to see all the returnees and welcome to the new contributors! CFL ALIVE AND WELL-----NFL CAN GO TO HELL!!! Good luck to all this year, we know you’re all gunning for the Cup! As Pinball said at the start of training camp, “If you spend time thinking about what you did yesterday, you haven’t done enough today”.

I’m ready baby!!! I’m been ready since the end of last season!

No hockey and no CFL makes Kanga-Kucha go crazy!!! 8)

Long live the CFL, Viva la LCF!

i’m hoping to make the trip out to hamilton for a few ti-cat home games this year, because it would be great. i haven’t been to a game at ivor wynne since the grey cup was last there.

i’m pretty stoked about this year’s season. hopefully it will be a bit different, compared to the past few years. i’d like to see some teams that struggled a bit last season win a few more (ottawa, perhaps?), and hopefully montreal will lose a few (:stuck_out_tongue: montreal fans). also, i’m hoping danny mac doesn’t embarrass hamilton (and himself) too much this year. it’d be nice if hamilton could at least get into the playoffs.

My wife likes football. Being the dinner hour out here, we’ll bring the plates and cutlery into the TV room to watch.


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…start your engines…it is time to, WALK THE WALK…

good luck to all teams and I think that on many levels the CFL will have a fantastic year.

And boy…the NBA with it’s CBA…sure made the NHL people look like morons. :roll:

long live the CFL. :smiley:

its at the mall, send her there.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

usually between her legs…well , at least she will not be talking [maybe] :wink:

This will be a great great season. No doubt TV ratings will balloon even more and attendance at games will go up up up. Ahhhh CFL football is back. I’ve got six Grey Cup tickets and can’t wait until the first kick off tonight. Good luck to all the teams and I hope Danny and Damon put on a show tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

DAMON? :wink: BOY are you in trouble :smiley:

Can’t wait. I plan to watch as many games as I can this year, like in the old days. The first three years of the Renegades, I really only was interested in them. But now that we’ve improved, I want to see the rest of the League to see what we’ll be up against in the Post Season. And they tell me I don’t fantasize, eh, Third and Ten? :wink:

Here’s hoping for an injury-free season for all teams!

Go you Thieving Bastard Renegades, (Playing in a Second Rate Stadium according to Supertoe), Go!!

Faux pas indeed…sorry I meant the Danny and Anthony show. :oops:

mmmmmmm interesting
we call that a freudian slip