Are You Ready for Some Football

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My son has basketball playoffs today, so to all going to the game, have fun, wish I could join you.

Anyone heard any updates on how many players the Bombers will actually field today ?

There was something like 8 on the IR and another 14 down with the flu.

I heard that most player's with the flu are still able to play, but i am not sure if they will dress for the game, it's pretty hard to show a coach what you can do when your health is not 100%. But than again if they do play it shows they have determination to do the best they can to make the team, also heard all player's want to play but they cannot all play and that shows that EVERY player wants to be in Blue and Gold This season, no whining, no complaining and this is a new start for the Bomber's, the Fans and The Coaches.

We know these player's and coaches have a winning attitude, a team first attitude and we can thank LaPo for making that happen, no more circus atmosphere, no more outdated playbooks, no more Kelly!!! We all seen what a new coach with the same attitude as LaPo's can do (Tresman in MTL) stated a team first attitude and the Als went from a declining team with Calvillo seeming to be at the end of his career after his horrible play in 2007 or 2008 (cannot remember) Tresman brought in a new attitude and Calvillo bounced back and had a MVP season and a Grey Cup.

No edwards,brown,logan,charlton,shelton,jovon,gallant.. january got hurt early (dislocated shoulder apparently or that is what irving said)

everyone else tho seems to be playing. jeffers-harris is standing out it seems and davis and foster are too but for the wrong reasons.

labbe is not playing either.. he has the flu.

also sounds like jyles is not impressing at all with his throws. threw the first int of the game.

Was anyone listening to Bob Irving and Mitch Zalnasky argue about Pierce at the start of the second half. :lol:

It does sound like a few players are playing sick but there are some out as well. They were talking about Brock Ralph struggling to get off the field at times and spending his time on the sidelines on his haunches with his head down.

A few drops today. Sounds like Pierce played well and Jyles had some bad luck (drops) but he also threw an interception into double coverage.

that led to the als first td of the game.