Are you ready for some Football

Summer is here and CFL is around the corner I am looking forward to some exciting games this week.

And I start holidays on Friday, the beer will be extra tasty Thursday night :rockin:

There will be no distractions on Thursday night!!

Happy Canada Day long weekend folks. Yipee the CFL is back!! ... and remember whomever is first out the gate does not necessarily hoist the Cup in the end. It is a long season.
CFL Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm with you, pigseye. I'll be kicking back with a nice cold beer on Thursday night.

Well, I'm READY for football... :frowning:

Oh yea, I'm so sick of this hockey talk Preds coming here in Hamilton, it's detracting from football. Let's get 'er going!

I can't wait, it's been so long.

Is it just coincidence that you start your holidays the same day the CFL season starts?

Really??? I thought you had the parade planned after your Riders beat my Lions??? :wink: :wink: :wink:

And a double header on Thursday to start things off. How nice is that!

Every year since 1996, makes the holidays a little more special. :thup:

Let's get it Going time to see Battle royale

i cant wait for it to start!