Are You ready for Some Footbaaaaallllll......

I sure hope the Cats are ready, because i think we'll see a different Als team that played us last. Their D will attack us like BCs did. They will be out to stop QP and maybe reshape his body a bit. KK will get spacial attention as well. What are your thought on the matter. :slight_smile:

I'm not expecting miracles after Saturday's game. But as long as this team plays hard and shows the same competitive spirit as they showed on Saturday I think we should be happy. Montreal has an extremely well drilled offence and they can never be counted out.
Also...don't forget our defence stopped that same potent offence in crucial situations on Saturday. Lets hope they have developed some confidence and can be as effective again the next time.
This will be a very tough end to this years schedule so wins will be hard to come by. As long as we can keep playing hard, watch the dumb penalties and keep attacking the other teams on both sides of the ball we will end this season showing some promise for next season. Finally.

I think Montreal will be fired up and just a little upset they got beat by us. I think mr62cats is right. As long as the Cats play penalty free, tough football, and with a few of our guys off the injured list. We should be competitive and have a chance to beat them at home. Our O-line better be ready. Do you guys know if their going to start Porter again. I hope so!!! and whats the status on Lumsden? I wouldnt be surprised if he gets traded in the next couple days.

The Als coach is probably one of the best game planers in the league and it will sure be interesting to see what Plane he come up with. It will also be interesting to see how our coaches counteract that. There's no doubt PQ will get special attention. I hope QP doesn't get hurt right when were starting to show some life. :slight_smile:

Go deep

IMHo Cavilo and CO, did there best in the last game, a good d cover scheem and all he has is Cahoon,. if we blitz marriuze we could shut cavilo down!

I don't know what to expect from this team. It's too early to say after just 1 game. Montreal will be at home and looking for revenge. Even on the weekend, AC passed for a CFL record # of completions so it's not like the Cats shut the Al's offence down. I'll be happy as long as the Cats are competitive, entertaining and the improvement continues.

An Argo-Cat fan

like you said they are at home and looking for revenge. they got beat by the last place team and are probably embarrassed. I wouldn't be surprised if we got smacked this week, i hope we don't but...

I have to agree Barney,

Ill be happy to see the Cats continuing to improve. I believe we are on the right track. This win is more important in a lot of ways. Even with a 15 point lead with 5 minutes left. I was hoping the Cats werent going to blow it. They did hang on. Which is a big difference from the past, because we couldn`t win a close one. Finally, were turning the corner!!