Are You Kidding Me .... OMG

I was at the game because I believed the team would shiw something…was I wrong. The complete Football OPS department should be fired…
Where are the playmakers?
Where’s our dominant defensive player?
Where’s the OLine?
Pass rush non-existant
Where’s our QB?
Why is it other teams find players are we cant?
As it stands we have two players Henoc & Sutton that’s it…
Thus team is trending in the wrong dirtection. The GM is trying to put a positive spin on this but thew comments in the stands are not good.

Seriously, what has Reed's group recruited in the US in two years ? They can't hide the incompetence any more. That kid Glass is not a Halfback. The only guy I can think of that they've recruited out of the CFL that has potential is Geno Lewis and even then, he's shown just enough to crack the roster.

Bede is still with the team ! Another illegal punt. A one yard punt !

What was sad watching that team yesterday is as everything collapsed. Sherman was completely helpless to do anything. That man may be a great HC but he's relied on Kavis to find him the players and the staff and he realized last night that he's been sold a bill of goods.

If the creepy owner (son) wants to hang on to his HC, he should bring in Jim Barker and then go back to NY and not step foot in Montreal for at least 3 years. If he wants to clean house then he should sell the team, because he won't be able to put together a competent CFL Football staff. Nobody will come here.