Are you holding your breathe Ti-Cat fans?

Are you holding your breathe Ti-Cat fans? Don't give up. The Eskies were a single pass from possibly eliminating you guys but alas they tease you. You're still in the running.

You may know your destiny as early as this Thursday November 01. You'll need to beat Toronto. If you don't you are out. If you do win then your fate will be in the hands of Edmonton. They will have to lose on November 02.

Good luck to Hamilton. :thup:

ya know, I could be wrong, but something tells me they knew all that already :stuck_out_tongue:

The way Nicoles played for Edmonton in the second half , I think ours chances are getting dimmer. :thdn: :thdn:

Except that Joseph will be starting for the Eskimos, not Nichols.

Yeah, I'm holding my breath (notice there is no 'e'), but that's because there's an interloper from west of the bs mountains on our site

Sounds a little hostile. The original poster seems polite enough and even wishes the Cats well.

Dunno Krisiun, seemed to me he was giving us a father explaining something complicated to his son attitude.

Very good Wiener. :thup: I'm usually pretty good about my spelling but you got me clean on that one. :rockin:

Unbelievable Wheezer that you would take my comment like that. Next time try just taking the comment in the spirit it was intended. There was no condescension intended. Just a cheerful good wish to the Hamilton Ti-Cats fans.