Are You Happy With Wayne Shaw?

Have your say. Let's see which way the wind is blowing with this guy.

That's not a very nice poll.

Football is not a nice business, BG. I've heard rumblings and just want to see how legitimate they are.

Hey i want to re-vote.
I voted "yes" to the question in the title, then realized the poll question was the opposite.

LMAO now THAT is funny.

Sorry for the confusion, JFL.

He should be long gone

I say No, I am not happy with Wayne Shaw’s play, and yes, he should be released.

His play is that bad. Maybe he’s strong and fast, but he has no football sense on what’s happening around him on the field.

From where?

Laugh if you must, but just remember:

He who laughs last.... took the longest to get the joke.

From right here for starters, CK.

from my belly.

is it lunch time yet?

I will admit, not even a week ago I defended Wayne Shaw to a certain degree. But after seeing that performance on Saturday I can honestly say I have lost confidence in him. He lacked the ability to track the ball and lost his place on the field numerous times and I expected more from a veteran safety.

That being said, I suppose Karikari is next in line because I don’t see Sandy Beveridge being more than a special teams player.

But that is just one guys opinion.

  • paul

He played terrible last week, and hasn't played well for a while. I would prefer to see a more solid player in this position. IMO this is one of the most important positions in the CFL today. All of the go to receivers catch balls in the middle of the field, and you need a safety who can help out. Shaw just isn't getting it done.

i clicked yes just like jfl but i hate shaw and hope he gets the boot

I've changed the title. I butchered this poll.

Perhaps moving him to backup CB and move Karikari to S.

This is quite simple. SHAW IS BRUTAL! Karikari was an all-star safety in this league, so maybe, we would be better playing him there, wouldn't you think? And second, I dont know what Wayne Shaw brings that Rob Hitchcock doesn't have...Both are older and Rob was an all-star there for years. Wayne was a converted halfback, and one of Greg Marshalls biggest screwups! If you're gonna cut Rob, why keep SHAW!!!

was at practise today and did not see Shaw out on field. Has he been released, or is he injured? Also saw a few players out there that i didn't know who they were especially # 49 on defense. Anyone know if new bodies are in camp?

Did he have "Cheatwood" on the back of his uniform? Didn't think so. IIRC #49 was on one of the American players brought in near the end of training camp.

No info on Shaw (as of 9:49pm on Tuesday, 10 July), maybe he was strapped to a chair with his eyes taped open in order to watch his game films...