Are you happy now?

Hooray for us, Eakin started. He stunk.

How does crow taste? (you know who you are...)

I'm great only thing positve about this game was now we can get on with Mass and maybe save the season,I hope

I was going to answer this with a Lance Armstrong reference, but I'll pass. :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I am not a crow diner, thankfully. I hope Jason gets better ASAP and that something from this season can be salvaged.

Oski Wee Wee.

well "me thinks we have a convert?" right oski-oui-oui

Yea, any update on Maas?

its really sad because Eakin wasn't given a chance...The offensive line stinks, no protection at all, hurried passes led to interceptions, even tho he did throw into double, triple, quadruple coverage a couple of times...but still there is no excuse for how bad this o-line is! they simply gave up in the end and it wasn't fair for williams to have to come into a situation like that.

give me a break Eakin SU*cks and we all saw it. no excuse for 4 ints and bad passes

I have NEVER called for Eakin as a starter here since Maas arrived. Maas is the man here – if he’s hurt or a game is clearly ouf reach/mop-up, then the backup goes in.

Keep looking, my friend. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

sorry about that thought I saw one :lol:

Dont want to rush Maas back into action. If he stills hurting Id sit him again. Id hate to see him have this injury bugging him all season long.

Poll I wanted Mass to start he played well against Montreal. I think all the Eakin lover's won't be making any post tonight because that was the worst display of quaterbacking I have ever seen.

He had his chance tonight!! :thdn:

Billy Dicken. Statistically and esthetically the worst. EVER LMAO

I agree :rockin:

Maas was hurt and unable to play.....

A back-up with no game reps got thrown into the fire against a fired up Bomber team happened....

maybe we will have to re-think how we treat our back-ups from now on eh?...we've traditionally let them rot on the sidelines with a clip-board....

me thinks we'd better change that approach starting's called resource management..... :cowboy:

Except for good ol Mikey.

Any other excuses you want to add? I'll just sit back and laugh...

give your head a shaek Eakin blows

I'm waiting for him to blame it on Boreham not seeing any game action.

I got NO PROBLEM showing my face around here ... Eakin played horribly ... what else to say ?

Does this mean "he blows" ? I DOUBT IT. It means he played HORRIBLY. Can he play better ... everyone knows he can.

It is too bad the kid did not bring his A game. Then again, nobody on the Tiger Cat squad did SQUAT TONIGHT.

Season over. Time to start lovin' the "LOVEABLE LOSER" title.