Are you going to your team's home opener?

Here in Norway we dropped the mask recommendations (they were only recommendations) last week. All businesses are open inside and out with some capacity limits and social distancing recommendation.

You can have 20 people over to your house and outdoor events of so many thousand are kosher...

Norway is markedly behind Canada in vaccinations, has consistently had more lenient health measures (hair salons were essential service), has similar levels of urbanization and human development and has killed 5 times fewer people per capita.

I wonder which science we should be following?

Frankly, on average, the more virulent a variant, usually the less deadly. It's why ebola only got so far even in terrible sanitary conditions. The host has to live long enough to pass the disease on.

I'm looking forward to coming home and watching football in a full capacity stadium without masks whenever Canada opens its borders without quarantine again.. probably 2035..



I can't wait that long.

I want the US and Canada to open the border ASAP!

Same here.. but it seems the powers that be are doing everything in their capacity to stretch the misery out as long as possible

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The only part that's opening is for fully vaccinated Canadian citizens and Permanent residents who has the 2nd dose at least 14 days.

Will still need to do a test upon arrival and have a quarantine plan if it's positive. But they won't have do to the 14 stay at a government assigned hotel anymore.

Starts July 5 at 11:59 pm EST... effectively July 6

It's a start

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And you won't have to do the quarantine at home either, just show the neg covid test at the border.
I think the next phase in 30 days will allow fully vaccinated non-Canadians into the country and the US will open up their side of the border.

Why are people thinking the pandemic is over??????
We have a ways to go yet before we can safely say it's done!
Every time the Government have lifted or loosened the restrictions,
The #'s have escalated into another wave! :mask:
We are getting closer, much closer
But patience is still required


Ontario is at "stage 1" of the re-opening plan. So there are public health recommendations:

  • Grocery stores are limited to 25% capacity, require you to social distance and support options like curbside pickup and delivery
  • Workplaces are required to work from home with some limited exceptions, unless the nature of their work requires them to be on-site at the workplace

I gave some specific examples about the risks associated with football stadiums. Again, your threshold for risk can be entirely different than mine.

And Ontario just entered Step 1 recently, essentially (with a few notable exceptions) we were at the "just stay inside all the time" until a couple of weeks ago.

You bet your ass I'm going to the Stampeders home opener

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But it didn't happen in the US. Texas lifted all restrictions and no masks back in February, a drop in cases. The Kentucky Derby was run with over 50,000 fans two months ago no increase in cases after. A month ago there were 150,000 fans at the Indy500, no increase in covid.
When governments lifted or loosened restrictions back in Dec, no one was vaccinated!! now 75% vaccinated.
Time to move on and open up now. Ditch the masks


We are ready in eastern Ontario could have opened this up months ago around here and would have no effect .

The masks should have come off after Fauci and CDC acknowledged it's a fugazi .

As far as the rest of Ontario

Our stores , restaurants and amusement parks should all be open for July 1 st .


I think there is a possibility that that will happen.

No. I don't go to games in the BC Advertising Dome any more.

Ugly post Dan38, just not appropriate in print IMO.


so ugly and full of hate

i' m gonna try and get to Winnipeg to see the first one against Hamilton.

i live close to Van but will pass on that one.

if i can i'd like to go to Als opener too.

Aww, did I hurt some feelings ? I didn't mean to but the truth sometimes does that.
Everyone just keep following the piper. Excuse me for having an opinion that doesn't fit the herd.

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You are confusing TRUTH with OPINION ... you are entitled to your opinion, but not to assume that opinion is objectively true.

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All arguments aside, what other sports league isn't full of wokeness right now? It's not like the CFL is unique in this.

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I would assume that everyone would have to be awake to play any sport although sometimes it may not seem like it.

And that makes it right ?