Are You Going to the Grey Cup?

With reduced prices, and it being in Toronto, and my not getting any younger, this is the year that I'm going. My son picked up a pair for us in Section 210, row 25, seats 11 & 12. $129 each plus fees.

As my son pessimistically says, he's rooting for Edmonton over Calgary. Sigh...

I would like to attend a Grey Cup at some point, and with ticket prices reduced, it makes it about the only affordable championship in North America. I think I will hold out for a little longer to get a better idea of who is playing, and then decide from there. If its going to be the Cats, then the chances are pretty high. If not, I will wait until we have one at THF (I know its going to be a while), and then go regardless.

This will be my 4th year in a row going to the Grey Cup. Unfortunately I paid the premium price back in August. Same sort of thing happened in Vancouver. It's kinda like playing the stock market. Sometimes you loose. I've been in touch with the ticket people to see if they are willing to do anything about it. I guess I just have to wait for their final response.

Right from the beginning people criticized the cost of seats. Now look what they have to do to get people to go. It's pricing changes like this that will stop people from buying early next time. Just price the seats reasonably to start with and it'll sell out early. Stop making going to an event a gamble. It shouldn't be. It'll only now sell out if Hamilton makes it and it'll be mostly fans attending for the day. Might get some going to an event or two, but not as many if tickets were purchased early and people got to plan a bit. Toronto with the GO train is an OK way to get there and back for the game.

Fours days of partying can't be beat! The game is a bonus if you go. I'll be there to party, no game.

Well, I got a call from a young lady with the blew team this morning. She told me the price of my tickets had dropped and I should expect a call from ticketmaster. I said great, thanks for letting me know. Then this afternoon, I got another call from the 416. This time it was a guy from the blew team. I told him what I was told earlier in the day. He said that is incorrect. The price of my seats did not change so I should not expect anything from them unless I want to re-buy some other tickets and they will let ticketmaster know to refund the original tickets. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

What a joke. Total incompetence. :thdn:

Got a ticket for my Son and I last week!!
Going to be our first Grey Cup!
Will be in town starting Saturday morning.
Looking for suggestions on best events to check out?

So we match- same for my son and me.
Afraid I'm not up on what events are going on but here's a link to a page with several -

Yep, I might see you there? :wink:

Nope. No way!
I had booked a hotel in Toronto like I do every year for GC way back in early 2016. Then the Argo’s decided to completely screw the CFL fan base & worse their own fans…just talk to some of their STH’s…they’re P.O.'d.
Immediately upon seeing the initial prices I called and cancelled my hotel in TO, and officially began my boycott of of this years GC which is too damn bad but I want to send a message to both the league & the Argo’s.

It’s the ONLY thing to do & the right thing to do. If you are now taking advantage of “cheaper” GC tickets…well, all I can say is have fun but remember, they are trying to save face as a league & as an org…as they put it…to make it look good on TV, not so that the fans have a good GC. That should have been the plan all along!


We'll definitely be hitting some of the events, but probably not the game. I've taken some extra days off to get to some events. I'd like to go to the CFLFFC event, The Ticats' party and possibly SpiritofYEG but we shall see. I took my dad to the 2007 GC. I will not make that mistake again lol.

You got that 100% correct.

I sent an email to the girl I talked to yesterday morning to ask about the contradiction. She has now changed her story to match the guy's version.

Been to lots of Grey Cups. The festivities are more to my liking than actually being at the game. If the Ticats make it to "the dance", I may go to the game.

:rockin: I'll be in Toronto for the parties. :rockin:

If one can put the negativity aside with the way the CFL /Argos have screwed around with the loyal CFL fans and look at the opportunity that has been presented to us in Southern Ontario .

It may be the only time that I can remember that a G.C ticket is cheap , cheap , cheap , and it may be an opportunity for those who have not had the means in the past to attend but wanted to .
By the Argos fumbling and bungling this years event it may have just opened a window for some fans to attend something they never thought would be possible, an opportunity that we may never see again .

Bingo. I get that the league and Argos have treated this event like a complete joke...but as a fan I am happy because now I can justify spending the money on a cheaper ticket since living in Hamilton, only way you'd be able to see a Grey Cup is if you left the province or spent the money on a ticket in Toronto. With that said, I'll only go if the Cats make it. When it comes to Hamilton I will be there no matter what, been waiting my whole life for them to host the grand daddy of them all, annnnd seems like I'll have to wait a bit longer.

Exactly. I'm over 60 and this will be my first Cup. Never could afford before and won't be able to again. I'm in.

I consider myself fortunate in that I not only was able to go to two GC games (so far), but that they were probably, IMHO, the best two football games I have ever seen - both live and on TV. The first one was the 1989 GC at SkyDome (best football game ever), and the second was the 1996 GC at IWS (the Snow Bowl - the second-best football game ever). The only things wrong with them is that Hamilton lost the first, and wasn't in the second.

Going to a GC is an event in of itself. If you are a football fan in Canada, or a football fan visiting Canada, or a non-football fan being invited to the game, it is definitely something that you should do at least once in your life (assuming you have the ability to do so)...

[b]Tiger-Cats Takeover, in partnership Coors Light and Coors Banquet, to include an exclusive invite-only VIP pregame party for season seat holders and the chance to win complimentary tickets to the 104th Grey Cup Game

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced plans on Thursday for Tiger-Cats Takeover, a weekend long event during the 104th Grey Cup Festival in Toronto, including an official host bar at Shoeless Joes in downtown Toronto presented by Coors Light and an invite-only, VIP pregame party presented by Coors Banquet.

Beginning on Friday, November 25, Tiger-Cats Takeover presented by Coors Light: Shoeless Joes will be the official destination for Tiger-Cats fans to celebrate Grey Cup weekend together in a Tiger-Cats themed environment. Located at 276 King St. W., the downtown Toronto restaurant and bar is in walking distance to all of the Grey Cup festivities and Toronto’s entertainment district. Admission is free and fans can look forward to drink specials, appearances from Ticats players & alumni, great prizes and much more. Doors open at 4 p.m. on Friday, November 25 and 11 a.m. on Saturday, November 26. Black & Gold dress code is in effect for all fans.

On Sunday, November 27, prior to kick off of the 104th Grey Cup at BMO Field, Tiger-Cats Takeover moves to the historic Liberty Grand, steps away from BMO Field, for Tiger-Cats Takeover Gameday, presented by Coors Banquet. Tiger-Cats Takeover Gameday will be an exclusive, invite-only pregame party for several hundred season seat holders and VIP guests. The event will feature the re-creation of key elements of the Tiger-Cats renowned Tim Hortons Field game day experience, including The Steamwhistle, Coors Banquet Bar, Ticats TV Live, and Uproar Drumline. Tiger-Cats alumni, cheerleaders, Stripes and special guests will also be in attendance, with TSN 1150 broadcasting live on location. Doors Open at 1 p.m. Again, Black & Gold dress code in effect.

As part of the Tiger-Cats Takeover announcement, the team also announced how season seat holders can secure their invite to Tiger-Cats Takeover Gameday presented by Coors Banquet on Grey Cup Sunday. Season seat holders that renew their seats for 2017 by placing, at minimum, a 50% deposit down by November 23 are eligible to win a Tiger-Cats Takeover Gameday VIP pass and a ticket to the 104th Grey Cup. Three hundred VIP packages are available to be won. Season seat holders can renew their seats for the 2017 season by logging into their MyTix Account or calling 905-547-2287. Until the renewal deadline of December 8, season seat holders are also eligible to receive up to 4% back on a Tim Hortons Field Rewards Card for the 2017 season. Visit for more details. Season seat holders who have already renewed and placed a minimum 50% deposit are automatically entered into the prize draws![/b]

so you can only go to the vip event if your a season ticket holder who's paid half of next year's season tickets??