Are you going to the Grey Cup?

Hey...I'm doing research for a Winnipeg company (Frantic Films) doing a documentary on CFL fans going to this year's Grey Cup.

We're looking for a wide range of folks coming to the game...essentially anyone with a good story about why they love the CFL and the Grey Cup.

If you're planning to go to the game, please reply to this thread and hopefully we can talk.


Derek Taylor

Frantic Films. I've heard of you guys. Aren't you guys shooting that film out by Neepawa right now?

By the way, I'm not going to the Grey Cup this year.

Frantic Films, I'll give you all the info you'll need....just give me a shot in one of your movies...lead actor or even in a supporting actor spot. I have what it takes to make it big..tall, good looking n very camera friendly, thats according to my mom of

I will only give you information if you cast Saskargo and myself in the leading roles. It has to be a love story of course, with the good guy destroying the evil empire from edmonton!!! Then, we will talk!
Rider Pride nation wide
Riders Rule!!(just ask Sister Saskatchewan!)

....can I play the kind-hearted doctor that says stuff like "damnit Turkey, I'm not a miracle worker!"?......

Ya I like that, sounds good redandwhite...had to stop reading so I could catch my breath...very convincing :thup:

Hey, if you’re coming to Winnipeg for the Grey Cup, you could be a part of a Grey Cup documentary. I need some reasons why you’d be a compelling subject.

And hey, the tall-good-looking thing always works on TV.

Hey turkeybend…

Are you coming to the game? A Riders fan in Winnipeg might go over very well.

ya; do a documentary in Winnipeg a before, when they thought or still think they are goin to win the Cup and after when they try to burn down the City and riots start and so on and so on..... when dont even make it to the final :lol: name it, A CITY GONE MAD :twisted: ... jk :lol: :lol:

KK and McMahon are ready for their close-ups now.

yeah, I’m going, and I’m from Australia!

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if you want some hardcore Mtl fans, go to, on the forum.

They went to every Grey Cup for the last 20+ years, are involved in the Grey Cup Parade, ect. Doug (Uncle Chiq) was also named CFL fan of the Decade or something like that by the CFL at Grey Cup 2001.

I'm sure you could find a spot in your film for them :wink:

i will gladly be in your film and all you need to do is pay for my ticket.