Are you going to show up late tonight?

Bit of an unusual kick-off time tonight. I wonder how many people will stumble in during the second quarter with a confused look on their face.

I'm probably staying home because of the rain.

is anyone even going to show up? its susposta be freezing out and rain all night.

The start time puts me in rush hour traffic from Toronto so I'll probably be late. However, I have yet to be on time for a Cats game all year. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

suppose to be there for 4:00 as daughter is a junior cheerleader and they practise before player warm-up....then there to bitter end......hears hoping for decent weather or at least a decent game.....forcasts for either not very favourable for tonight

remember last years Hall of Fame game was cold and rainy and Cats getting blown out by halftime....yet there I sat in the freezing rain watching the horrible display on the field as daughter cheered....

oh what a parent and ti-cat fan has to do

You could start the game at 8 pm and you will still have people stumbling in with confused looks. We've always joked that they should just leave the start time off the ticket because obviously a lot of people don't even look at it.

Don't forget that tonight is the night that we honour "Past and Present Members" of the Armed Forces. It sounds like they will have some pretty cool hardware on site as well. If at all possible, wear something Red, to say that you are thinking about the men and women serving in some pretty dangerous spots all over the world.

How about coming early....

A great fly over is scheduled for todays game!


How early? Going to be a push to get there at 6, will that do it?

what plane is it?

Yes, If you make the Canadian anthem, I believe you can't miss it.

Thanks KW, thats doable.


F-18's I believe.

You just convinced me. I'll be there!

We're coming early BECAUSE of the fly over. We might be LEAVING early because of the game. :cry:

Well, have our tickets. Now will we go as the weather looks like it's going to be bad? I don't know. I'll defer that one to the wife. :wink:

But will say that people who have tickets are some of Hamilton and area's finest and the people that go to the game are a select group of Hamilton and area's finest!