Are you going to renew your season tickets?Poll

If we don't make the playoffs and don't make any big improvements by Nov are you going to pay the increased ticket price$ with no traditions club for a failed 5 year plan for our beloved team on the winning front . Thats a W for wins this year?

Yes, and may buy the two seats next to me.

A glutton for punishment, or eternally optimistic.

me too! (not buying the tix next to me but yes renewing!)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY, if we do not make the playoffs and ticket prices go up, I am gone. If prices remain the same for next year, I will renew for the 17 year even if we do not make the playoffs. It is unrealistic to raise prices on a product that is not good.

This was my first year for season tickets and l will renew next year the reason being is that it's not like Bob Young isn't trying to make the team better,and he will go out and get the best available coach out there

I hope the next coach has "drill sergeant" on his resume and he comes with a thorn up his.... No more coddlers!

You Bet!

We have to support this team. The caretaker is really stepping up to the plate for this franchise. There's no doubt in my mind this thing will get turned around. Next season with a whole new coaching staff, philosophy and the talent to go with it....we can only get better.
When a owner comes in and puts his money down to turn this franchise into a winner, the fans have to believe. :cowboy:

Will Down Grade or Buy a Flex..
500 Dollars is alot money for a Poor Home Effort..

I had a heart to heart with the wife after Saturdays's game. I said the we were through with Season tickets. Beyond seasons tickets we spend a ton of $$$$ to get to Hamilton, park,eat and drink plus attempt and pay for kid sitting.
The decisions be finalized for 2007 and then some.....were out due to the current high cost of CR@P!


With this owner, I’m 100% certain this team will get turned around in time. I have the upmost confidence in him, that he won’t give up on this franchise or Hamilton. I don’t think the fans should give up either.

Better days are ahead. :thup:

I'm moving out of the province for a bit, so no. My parents might still have the tickets, but they're not entirely sure.

In all fairness, they're a very boring team to watch. Even when they win. It's not the gameday presentation, it's the style of football they play on offence.

Even in the 1-18 season a few years ago I clearly remember enjoying the games a lot more.

Is the pope catholic. I have to go to the games and talk about it on the site here. I like to win, but I will be there.

You mean like Frank Kush?


Absolutely we will be renewing.

I doubt I'll be renewing (I cant believe its come to this) and definitely wont renew if there is a season ticket increase.I just cannot see Mr.Young raising the prices.How could you possibly sell this team to fans and expect them to shell out more money?

I'll be back next year. First bought our tickets at the end of the 1-17 season so I guess you would have to say I'm an optimist.

How do I deal with the concessions? Don't normally buy anything, so I've got nothing to complain about.

How do I deal with parking? Bought a season pass in one of the lots.

How do I deal with losing? Buy chinese food on the way home to drown my sorrows.

How do I deal with winning? Buy chinese food on the way home to celebrate.

How do I deal with PaoPao's play calling? Well, that one I haven't figured out yet.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO way and after 31 year to come to this. So sad

It is true it has been a very frustrating year. I have been a fan for 20 plus years. Bought my first season tickets when Danny and compny were signed. More due to the fact that I could afford it then. I have only missed half a dozen or so games over those years. I have sat through the Grey Cup 99 season and the 1 and 17 season. I have sat in the rain and the cold no matter how bad the team has done we always have fun. This year a different story. The frustration has built to a point where I have left the last 2 games early. A friend of mine who has supported the team with season tickets for over thirty years threw his Ticat t shirt on the field at the players last week. He knows it was wrong but his frustration with the lacluster effort on the part of the coaches and players has boiled over.

Will I be renewing my tickets?

I am no part time supporter so absolutely, because no matter what happens you support your team. As the saying goes, "Support them when they win, Support them when they lose. I will be there as will the rest of Box Eh Men and Women. I(we) may get angry from time to time and leave early but rain or shine, snow or hail, I will never give up on supporting my team through the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

I get the flex pack because of my work and will do so again .IF THE PRICE IS THE SAME.They raised the beer and I just take the $30 and go out another night. If the ticket price increases my only way to show how unhappey I am with the poor play will be to not go to the games.I am still and will always be a ti-cat fan however to up the ticket prices would be a slap in the face I will not take.

Yes. I love CFL football and that is what I will be supporting. The price is still reasonable when you look at other types of entertainment eventhough the Cats are not that entertaining these days. The majority of people will not buy tickets though as there are limited die hard CFL fans out there.

So Bob, you better fix the problem or I will be able to sit on the 50 yard line with my season tickets being in Section 5!!