Are You Going to Calgary?

Where are you sitting?

… I’ll find out for me once my son actually tells me where our seats are.?

By the way, he went on the field after the game and managed to get one of those giant photo heads that were in the stadium yesterday. Noe how do we transport Coach O in our carry-ons?

I hope the seats aren’t at Commonwealth Stadium ;D

You might have to buy an extra airline ticket for Orlondo. ;D

Razor blade cuts and cardboard butt joints with glue/slotch tape in Cowtown of course…

I wish I could $$ go!..{might}

Anyone know if the team is offering any kind of package for the game, ie ticket + flight?

Section R Row 11… about the 40 yard line, behind the visitor’s bench. I believe the Ticats are the visiting team (?).

Check swoop…cheap flights to Edmonton then a hop skip and a jump to Calgary!

I also have friends selling 3 grey cup tickets for 155 each

2 tickets out of Hamilton to Edmonton on Swoop leaving Friday and returning Monday or Tuesday are around $450 each.

Just hope the flight doesn’t get cancelled.

Yep Swoop does not have a great reputation. I will be praying for the safe journey of the team and all of its fans. ?

I have flown swoop over a dozen times and have never had a cancellation…a couple delays but always get an email several hours before so never have to hang out in the airport and wait! Flair on the other hand is poop!

Section F row 34
Can’t wait, GO CATS!!!


Tickets are sold!

We are on Swoop out of London to Edmonton. LATE flight. Family west of Edmonton. Then to Calgary.

Section B - row 38.

Section Q, R38. Really looking forward to it.

Lots of tickets left. Hope they get a sellout.

I would be looking for the same. Wondering if team will have some charter flights for fans?

Hey…wave at me. Same row opposite sides! ?

IIRC they had one to Regina in 2013. I almost broke down and went.

I have a buddy flying out to the game from The Hague, Netherlands.