Are you glad the Argos signed McMahon?

Are you glad the Argos signed McMahon?

argos should have looked at anthony wright
chris leak
troy smith
marcus brady

Where is Anthony Wright these days anyway...if he was available he might be a decent pickup, I always thought he had some talent. Don't know of Leak or Smith; as for Brady, he's not a free agent so you'd have to trade with Montreal to re-acquire him.

Leak is on Hamilton neg list and Smith is on someone elses.

what does the poll question mean
''No, we don't him''

I wouldn't call it a great signing, however the Argos were very impressed with him. So if they like him so much, then ya bring him to camp. Interesting that he turned down a Cleveland offer.

Even the greatest CFL player of all time rode the pine his first year. I doubt any of the new QB's will be the starter this year, some will not even make it through camp, but it is nice to see the Argos are active and are trying to find the next "Casey Printers". All 3 QB's are in their 20's, Arth is really young. I still expect Allen, Bishop, Printers or another CFL vet to be in camp as a safety net.