Games 10-18 are proof that the CFL brass is doing everything in their power to de-throne the Lions. Does anyone think that any team could overcome the East to West, back and forth, swing that the Lions face in their 2nd half of the schedule? It is obsurd that the defending grey cup champions are kicking off their season on the road, and even more upsetting is the way the Lions have been set up to stumble in the 2nd half of this season, playing the elite teams while enduring a travel roller-coaster. Lets hope that the Lions win their fair share of early season games and that we ALL show up at home games to give us a true DOME feild advantage!!!

The way air travel is these days, I don't think thats a big deal. I wouldn't sweat it.

Expecially since we have a week in between games to settle into where we're moving to. Besides Winnipeg to Edmonton we get a home game between every away game too.

What are you complaining about?
They alternate home and away for the entire second half of the season.
As for playing the elite, its an 8 team league! You have to play them sometime. If they started the season with the with the second half you would complain that the league was putting them in a hole at the start of the season.

I guess its to early to say that the refs are against them so you had to complain about the schedule!

no, no, r01313, the Refs are against us are reserved for Rider and Bomber fans.

Oh! Right!
I forgot, sorry