Are you an expert?

anyone here consider themselves and expert on soccer rules.

I know it pretty well, but I have wondered about one thing

You can put a pretty good curve on a long ball, so if someone near the sideline kicks a ball that in the air goes out of bounds but then lands in bounds, whats the call.

Depends on the side line ref.

He would likely raise his flag as soon as the ball crossed the line - even if it is in the air.

If he doesn't, and the ball lands in bounds, then it would remain in play.

that is kind of my thinking.

can imagine though if a teammate was expecting it, that the player would go up field after it while the opponents might slow down. would be interesting to see

If the ball is ever deemed to be outside the line at any time whether on the ground or in the air - it is considered to be out of boounds. So even if it curves back and lands in bounds - if when it was in the air the entire ball was out of bounds at any time - play should be stopped.

you might be right in that it would be stopped, but I am not sure it should be.