Are you all that surprised?

I know every week its good to be optimistic, and think we will have an actual game. And possibly win it. But it should not be any surprise now. We all should be use to it. Sadly its pathetic, and nothing we can do about it.

Probably this is how the year will play out for us.

We will win a couple more games.. 6 max. After each win we will all get excited, and can't wait for the next game only to be stomped on again.

We will probably get back Avon... Just to show how much more of a joke our franchise is... After the year is over, we are either going to clear house again on all our players, and sign a bunch of rookies again, look amazing in the pre-season, only to get humiliated again.


We clear house with our coaches (again) and then hype up some new coach from the NFL, ("Cortez").... And then get all excited and how this is the year... just to fall flat again.

Its the same song and dance every year. We should be use to it... But I guess we arn't cause how pathetic do you have to be to not be able to win atleast one championship in a 8 team league... Hell never mind winning a championship. How about being over .500

Team must be truly cursed... Or just so damn pathetic in everything.... probably the the second option.


        Re your second option.....

We HAVE to stick with Kent Austin. We have gone through 6 HC's since Bob Young bought the team...and lost assistants to other teams where they have done well. So changing HC's has not worked.
I think Austin is a good coach but he is not a miracle worker. We are all fed up with losing seasons but it's too much to ask that we can become a winner in just one season. The other teams in the league are so much better for the most part. the meantime ......watching these kinds of losses and being 1-3 is pretty tough to take. :frowning:

Bob Young made the Big mistake with the Tiger-Cats when he bought the team since 2003 he has concentrated all efforts on Marketing and filling the stands instead of building a winning team on the field and it shows year in and year out. Other teams, I can name them but everyone knows who they are in an eight team league have all built winning teams over the years while Hamilton has not, we are only second to Winnipeg in the least amount of Grey Cup wins since 1999 when we won it last but at least Winnipeg has had two appearances Hamilton has had nothing and it shows, year in and year out we hope and pray but nothing changes we still end up on the losing end of another long season???

No I meant the second option as in... This team is just pathetic and not cursed. lol


     I think the team has tried to pay attention to the onfield product despite our abysmal record.

My concern is that management has made bad decisions when it comes to Head Coaches. The talent-spotting has been poor.....just look at how Corey Chamblin and Kavis Reed have done after they left Hamilton. Did we not see their potential?
Kent Austin is a good catch....maybe we are expecting too much too fast. He is developing a young team and it will take more than one season to see some positive results. We also need Eric Tillman to make use of his talent-spotting talents as the season progresses.
I'd say the stakes are high for Kent Austin. If he can't give us a competitive team by next season, I predict the fan base will shrink to dangerous levels.....and who knows what would happen then.
I have been a Tiger-Cat fan since 1961 but this past 9 seasons have been the worst I have seen. Despite having a great owner, all we have seen each season is a roller-coaster ride of hope... followed by disappointment.
What keeps me going this season is that Kent Austin appears to have the potential as GM and Head Coach to be able to finally lead this team out of the wilderness. I sure hope it doesn't take too long.

Big Question I have is Bob really spending on this team wisely , are we maxed out$$ player wise towards the Cap or are other teams Quality vs the cap being abused we could use a 150,000 Boyd or AVon right about now :lol:

Scoring zero points is a surprise and pathetic.

Yes, I am surprised. I thought that we could be IN the game to the end but the game stats are pathetic.
Burris should have been pulled for the last quarter.

In the BOB YOUNG era(04-13) the Cats are the only team in the league that has'nt posted a least one 10+ win 10+loss seasons,not a problem!

2004....9-8-1 3rd (played way over expectations)
2005....5-13 4th (missed p.o. huge step backwards)(fired coach)(Marshall)
2006....4-14 4th (missed p.o. 1 gm worse than 05)
2007....3-15 4th (miseed p.o. 1 gm worse than 06)
2008....3-15 4th (missed p.o. back to back 3's )(fired coach)(Taffe)
2009....9-9 2nd (lost east-semi,showed progress)
2010....9-9 2nd (see above)
2011....8-10 3rd (won east semi,lost east final,1rst app. in east final in 10 yrs)(fired coach)(Bellviue)
2012....6-12 4th (missed p.o. for 5th time in 8 yrs.)(fired coach)(Cortez)
2013....1-3 ???? (stay tuned !!!!!!)

Are you all that suprised? :oops: :cry:

Well, here is a crazy idea. Instead of demanding the coach be run out of town after every loss, we let Austin do his work and accept that this is a rebuilding year in Guelph.

I don’t follow.

No posts in this thread mentioned anything about getting rid of Austin.

In fact there are several that say stick with him.

No I am not that surprised. You have a 6-12 team that ended the season that lost its best player that has a rookie DC and and an OC with no CFL experience.

Sorry Cap,n but the OP's 2nd choice was to clean out the coaches

But he wasn't "demanding the coach be run out of town "

He was simply trying to predict how the season might play out.

From the OP


We clear house with our coaches (again) and then hype up some new coach from the NFL, ("Cortez").... And then get all excited and how this is the year... just to fall flat again.[/b]"

But I hear you, I like Austin

I agree with spike..austin should never had hired his Buddy as OC,or steinhauer as DC...neither had enough experience..and mitchell shouldnt have allowed him to do so. its obvious our scouts arent very good....look at the talent we have...not much! our OL is terrible..just a bunch of turnstiles out there getting burned every snap.bring in 3 good americans to protect henry and use our canadians at receiver.

or the passive aggressive stuff going on here.


or the generalization that all of the players simply lack talent, which we know isn't true. Many of these players have been with the team and have performed. Just be pleased that (at least for the first half) that the defence showed improvement and that the team is getting better in baby steps. There's plenty to work on and getting blown out sucks, but given this was the best team in the league, at home, with minimal injuries (compared to us with several) and high winds, I just think it's kinda cruel to be throwing the team under the bus. I mean, if I was a player and read this forum, it would be just the thing to shatter my confidence.

or here


I wasn't going that far. I was just saying that, like it or not, this is a rebuilding year, from the coordinators out. The only option now is to trust Austin.

Oh, I agree its happening in other threads. I wondered why that was brought up as a reply (to no one specifically) in this thread, when no one in this thread said anything about wanting Austin run out of town.

The OP started by saying "Probably this is how the year will play out for us"...he wasn't calling for Austin's firing. He was saying he could see it happening based on the team's history in such matters. At least that's how I understood it. ( shrug)

Whatev... :wink:

I fear I may be digressing too much and wasting bandwidth...