Are you a pissed off Season Seat Holder?

I am not rich but I dig into my pockets every year to shell out my hard earned money for what I think is important. I have been a season seat holder for several years and have been seeing my frustration build month by month over the past couple years over the erosion and treatment of season ticket holders like myself. From the embarrassingly poor food service to the loss of benefits like being able to trade your tickets in when you miss a game to the lack of anything extra even a team sticker in the season ticket package to trying to make us pay $25/seat to get printed tickets. I am sorry but Levy Restaurants food service at THF in not "industry leading", we only get mad when you pretend that we never could trade our tickets in at any time, the season ticket packages that fans from other teams around the league received makes us feel like this team takes season ticket holders for granted and we have had printed tickets every other year including nice "collectors edition" tickets last year, free of charge.

I have just uncovered that they are selling tickets to the public to some games for below season ticket holder prices. Just check out Travelzoo. They are charging $35 for Silver tickets and $45 for Gold. This is well below what I have paid and I have committed for the entire season. Not to mention that these prices are even below what I was paying prior to this years ~20% price hike. That is unacceptable unless I am awarded a refund.

Whether it is intentional or not, this team has sent season ticket holders a message that they don't care about or appreciate us in the slightest. When you pretend that benefits I know I had previous years never existed by spewing PR BS which tries to make it sound like a reduced or removed benefit is this amazing new benefit, we get angry. Do you think we are stupid? Do you think we have the memory of goldfish?

I have heard nothing but horror stories from long time season ticket holders about dealing with this organization and frustration is mounting. It is clear that the management of this organization cares about one thing....the bottom line. Their view is extremely short sighted as the moves they are making will only help short term until they piss enough of us off that their best fans and the people who spend the most money will be gone and will stop caring. Anyone who knows anything about customer service knows that loyalty and transparency are two of the most important ingredients in a positive customer relationship. These have disintegrated from the relationship between the Tigercats management and season ticket holders and it is bordering on toxic. Something needs to be done for the good of the long term success and survival of this team.

Win or lose, I love the Tigercats but I will not be a season ticket holder next year unless I see a vast improvement in the way we are treated. This is a sentiment shared by many season ticket holders I have talked to. We are witnessing the beginnings of what will be a slow and painful death of our team by the (mis)Management of this organization and anyone that can't see that is blinded by dollar signs.

I have been asking myself if there is anything I can do. I think there is. As I previously mentioned, the team needs us to survive and they are at risk of losing many of us. We have power in numbers if we unite and let our voices and frustration be heard. We can change things for the benefit of ourselves and this organization. We don't want the moon. We want to be appreciated, fair treatment, transparency and respect. For this reason, I am typing this message to determine if anyone is interested in forming a season seat holder association that will request these things from the Tigercats organization. Please email if you are interested along with any anecdotal stories that can be part of a campaign to make this happen.



If you want random seats at a possibly discounted rate this is a good way to go. If you would like to stay in the same seats all season then that is an advantage of being a seasons seat owner.
I am a seasons seat owner. Never make it to all the games so I eat some tix.
The bottom line is I would rather the club try to sell out any way possible.
Full stadium=better atmosphere, more money for the team=better for everyone.

I am with you it seem that since we have sold out THF they have taken season seat holders for granted the only benefit of being a season seat holder is you can sit in the same seat game in game out .I almost didnt renew this year because of the promotions of them selling the season seats for a lower price but raising our prices . i am on the fence for next year

That's funny. More money for the team = better for everyone? Then the benefits of being a season seat holder should be increasing not decreasing. We are paying more for less.

How about actually contacting your account manager with your perceived beefs instead of whining about them on a message board that a) the team and league own, and b) will not be monitored by the accounts staff?

This post is concerning and, in my view, shouldn't be taken lightly. I've had season ticket holders with my family since the Drive for '95 (my mom and dad got them for us for Christmas that year). In those days, the team would bend over backwards for the season ticket holder. Heck, they'd bend over backwards to everyone who came to a game. I remember giveaways - real giveaways like chips, chocolate bars, jewellery cleaner, etc. Not just a blow up noise stick.

I can't say that I'm "pissed off" but I do get where the original poster is coming from. Seems like the perks that come with being a season ticket holder have slowly eroded over the years. And, I'm a firm believer that in professional sports, the season ticket holder is king.

One thing I would like to see happen is a discount for season ticket holders on food concessions. That would go a long way for me. Hell, even a free refill cup like the Argos have at BMO would be nice.

Correcting the deficiencies with the concessions in general is a whole other topic...

That one must have packed the stadium.


In answer to the O/P question, no I am not.

The Ticats are not a charity. They must make money if they will survive long term. I'm not saying that your concerns are invalid. I am saying that it will take a heck of a lot more than those to sour me on the season ticket experience. Am I part of the problem? Possibly, but I am truly proud to support the only professional game in town. If the team must do some things which reduce my monetary value, that is okay with me, as long as the team survives. Fan is short for fanatic. Reason has no bearing on how a fanatic thinks.

Again I think you have valid concerns, but they have not pushed me over the edge.


Sometimes, it's better to discuss this on a public forum to get more of a rise.

I generally agree with the majority of the post. I've been an SSH since the last 2 seasons of IWS, and attended many games before that, and the perks of being a SSH have severely diminshed. A couple things though really frustrate me..

  1. Inconsistent pricing - I've read many accounts of other SSH's getting my level of seats for much less than I paid, usually on some black friday sale or boxing day. How is that fair? What do I get for being a repeat customer year after year? The people on the fence are the ones who get the best deal.

  2. Nickel and diming - It is a benefit of being a SSH that, on your birthday, you receive a 33% discount on a new jersey purchase. When I went to get this deal on my birthday, I was informed that apparently its only 1 per account, and if we have 5 tickets on 1 account, we still only get 1 jersey, tough luck. Makes 0 sense, as the price is the same whether you buy 1 ticket or 5.

  3. Food concessions - I've posted a ton already about this in the levy thread. The food is terrible. Portion size sucks, temperature is usually off, value for money non-existant, and customer service severely lacking. With BMO only being about 45 mins away, this Sunday many Cats fans will experience real concessions.. for the same price.

With all that said, I buy tickets and follow the team for the football. I watch when they're on the road, and the reason I buy is so I can see them live every game. The benefits are extra, yes, but they're part of the package. And I find them to be rather lacking.

I think a lot of the discontent from STHs comes from the fact that when it's in their own interests, the team wants to be treated like a charity. Things like the outrageous lack of value at the concession stands make folks particularly raw when juxtaposed with the kind of guilt-based "save the Cats" marketing that many of us still remember.

I agree the sentiment of the OP.

I HATE when I see people get better deals for the same seats “later in the year” or during other special offers.

I have six ST and received one Rewards Card…but this stuff has been going on forever. I get the same “perks” in my ST package that the person buying one ticket gets, which doesn’t seem fair.

We also can’t stand the food with Levy and hate the poor service even more.

I disagree with Sigpig…I think they do look at these forums, but everything I have said they have been told in the past anyway.

Oh well, as you were!

A Season Ticket Holder for the Hamilton Tiger Cats.
That can go to every your very own seat.
At the new THF...
And you are complaining ???
Over a few dollars. :oops:
Sorry but I just don't understand that at all.
I think what you are totally missing is the simple fact that you are able to have such a great game experiance
that many countless thousands of us displaced folks from Hamilton can not have because of distance.
For myself...
I only get to see the Cats "live" 1 time per year.
From where I live in BC it is a 5 hour drive "one way" to Vancouver.
Wanting to sit behind the Cats as low as I can get..I pay a prem/price.
I also have to pay big bucks for parking.
It also involves an over night stay in a Hotel, then a 5 hour return trip home.
That one chance to see the Cats "live" prob costs as much as half the price of your season tickets or maybe even a little more.
And I never complain about it...I look forward to it.
If the Cats need to sell-off a few hundred tickets to sell-out what.
Like one of the posters above has stated a sell-out makes a better game experiance for everyone.
Yourself included.
After the millions that Bob Young has put into this Team over the bring stability to it so that we can all enjoy "our Team" you want to "bitch" about a few dollars ?
Go give your head a shake, bottom line. :thdn:

I've had ST for 40 years and yes the perks have dried up. My pricing for shelling out $$ early is gone. Any perks..gone. When THF opened I went from seats on the 52 yard line to the 40 yard line. I cannot afford to pay for platinum seats but my golds were restructured to worse seats. I payed for Guelph because of the threat of losing my priority. At one time I had 8 seats during a period of time when the Cats had only 2500 STH. What did they do for me?
They have let me buy the privilege of sitting in the same seats. Nothing more. Heck, they couldn't even get my name spelled correctly on the legacy wall and after highlighting the issue and the Cats agreeing it was their mistake, I get a too bad, so sad.
I too am disappointed that I can by EXTRA tickets for friends at a discount.
I'm done promoting them. I go to games, spend nothing then go home.

Give your seats up and stop whining, holy cow, no one forced anyone to pay $25 for Printed COLLECTORS tickets they gave you an option opt in or opt out , who cares about food your there to watch a football game, want great food go out to dinner not a football game all they need is Cold Beer (water) and an entertaining product on the field they have that and ill continue to hold on to my Seasons Tickets with no complaints from me :slight_smile:

Kind of on the fence. I think my tickets are good value, especially when you add in a pre-season and a play-off game (I hope). Also invites to open house, discounts on souvenirs, that type of goody.

On the other hand I was promised that my deal last December would be the “best” offered for renewing, yet do see better ones offered. Also the ability to swap, sell, and purchase tickets at a discount is highly over-rated. And many “specials” supposedly offered to STHs are also offered, or bettered for one time buyers. Like the Mac game this past Labour Day. And deals offered to only one “holder”, regardless of seats held.

Maybe need a compromise. Something like if you pay early, up-front, you get the best deal. Later purchases, or rotating payments, pay a bit more. Or free tickets if paid for in December, but have to pay later? Or discounts on concessions, or dedicated service lines.

I used to go to about five games a year, and now I get 10, and hopefully eleven for about the same price. So, in that sense, I get good value, and enjoy being at the stadium.

So let me get this straight.. because you left town, we dont get to complain about the seats we're paying for.. because you cant buy them? Your reasoning is poor. Frankly, I really don't care about what you have to do to view the team, beacause it's totally irrelevant to this discussion. It's like saying I cant send back an incorrect food order because some kid somewhere isn't getting any food at all.

Honestly, I don't think anyone is complaining about the price, or the tickets themselves. Its everything else thats included. Benefits that are supposed to be exclusive for SSH, are not. Loyal SSH (5+ years) pay more for the same ticket than a new SSH does, because the new SSH got sale pricing.. IMO this is very wrong. There has to be a line that people who buy late, pay more. A group of 5 SSH owning their own accounts, have more benefits than a group of 5 SSH on 1 account. The list goes on.

Just because you don't care about the concessions, or commemorative tickets, or any of the other issues, doesn't make them invalid. Like I already said, I go and watch religiously. Travel within reason to see them play. But when I go to THF, I walk in, go to my seat, and don't move. I don't bother with concessions anymore, and don't bother to look at team apparel, and I will continue to do so until something is done to fix it.

Sometimes I think people forget...
Like how close we all came to losing the Cats, for example.
It was Bob that stepped in, bought the Team at that time.
Since then..he has spent millions and millions of dollars on "Our Team".
To be honest..I don't know if they are even now, turning a profit.
I hope they are.
I also think people forget just what the old IWS was like. was a grand old girl.
But lets face was a run-down old dump that was way past it's time when torn down.
Hell...I sat there for twenty years.
All I am saying "not to put anyone down".
If the Cats need to flog seats every now and then to sell-out a game.
Good for them.
I believe it is "their call" to do that.
It is called "running a business".
And as a Season Ticket Holder...why should that make anyone "pissed off" ?
Simply is not your call.
And why should it be...period. :thdn:

While I understand your point, again, I don't really think it is the main argument being made here. Personally, I do not mind if the Cats sell off odd tickets for below face to pack the place, but at the same time, it would bug me if that person got those tickets every game for that price. The beef is that other STH's are being given better deals than current STH, getting the exact same benefits, perks, and ticket price point, for less.

Nope.... not pissed off at all. I bought seasons tickets.... and guess what. I received seasons tickets.... as advertised. I didn't buy my tickets for all the fluff that you people are all complaining about. If the odd fluff is included... yeah! But I could give a rat's @ss about them. I bought my seasons tickets for the convenience of not having to scurry around before game day looking for tickets.... and I'm getting good value for my money. I'd be spending quite a bit more if I bought individual seats. So..... count me as one satisfied customer.