are we turning into the detroit lions of the cfl

we are just not a good football team,o line is below average,qb s are same, recievers average at best.jesse is whole offence. penalities thats a whole other topic no disipline stupid none thinking players getting called.

defense 3 good plays mckay ,moreno,armour thats it. defesive backs the worst crew i have ever seen in cat uniforms easy.

hey i liked sudsy sutherin as a defense coach call him up if you ask me he is at waterloo.

offense coach play calling sucks its not working for mike working.

keep jesse,moreno,armour,mckay,setta,buaman,ralph armstead.the rest and coaches im not sure about up to gm and president all could go.we are turning into the detroit lions of the cfl.

i really cant understand this team im so mad frustrated its not funny .where is that steel ticat pride.only a few seem to have it.

No. The Lions are a breed apart. LMAO

And then there's Arizona, but I digress -- although they MIGHT get it right with Whisenhunt.

Oski Wee Wee,